10 Items of Daily Money Wastage


Yes! You read it correct. These are those 10 items which we use on a daily basis and waste money on them. Instead of parting home_remediesaway with our heard-earned money, we can use their home-made counterparts. Find out what are those 10 money-wasters and calculate how much of your monthly savings go into vain when you buy them:


Instead of spending hundreds of rupees on buying toothpaste with Active Salt ingredients, use salt in its raw form which is available at home. Mix it with mustard oil and use everyday to get sparkling white teeth! Also, say good-bye to all kinds of gums and bad-odor problems.


Let me remind you of the 2 sets of fingers blessed to us, especially the index finger which was probably designed for this sole reason. Located strategically on our hands, it exerts optimum pressure needed to clean our teeth and take out any food particles which might be stuck inside. No need for any flexible head brushes- our finger is flexible enough to poke and even bend to accomplish uneasy tasks!

Mosquito repellent

A single mosquito repellent refill comes for no less than Rs. 50 and if you happen to buy the machine too, it costs a 100. Can’t believe we spend 100 on mosquitoes alone when we can’t eat a full-meal in 15! Use money-plant, camphor balls or simply a net. Otherwise, adopt hygienic lifestyle and keep your surroundings clean.

Face wash

‘White beauty’, ‘pimple control’, beads action’, blah, blah, blah. The same mix is marketed under different names and we are fools who prefer them against natural things. Use rosewater, red lentils, tomato as a bleaching agent or milk.

Fabric conditioner

I can digest humans using a conditioner for smooth skin or silky hair, but fabric conditioner! It’s limit.

We could use the left-out water after cooking rice as a very good fabric conditioner- also makes cotton clothes crisp and long-lasting.


Why waste money on disinfectants when we can get the same results with neem leaves soaked in water. Use it to clean your house, wash your clothes or even take a shower. Simple, cost-effective and totally natural!

Heel repair cream

Crack, crack and crack- both in heels and in our pockets when we buy heel repair cream. Instead, go with glycerin. This problem usually crops up during winters, so save your feet from getting wet very often and keep it covered under socks to save it from dry winds.

Body lotion

Mix glycerin, rose water and lemon and voila! Your home-made body lotion is prepared and I guarantee you, it won’t dry before a day. Stop using chocolates, pineapples, strawberries and peaches in lotions- start eating them!


Get a flower pot in your house- marigold, rose, lily or any other flower of your choice and whenever you need to evoke fantasies, pluck one from the pot and keep it with you. Fragrance would not be limited to bottles and sprays then.

Weight gain supplements

Powders, tonics, gym – what all stupidities we do to put extra pressure on the weight machine.

Stop wasting money on these supplements and try this out- soak a handful of raisins in water overnight and eat them early in the morning, even before you brush. Maintain this routine daily for a month or so and you will see the magic- as your cheeks will glow red, your hemoglobin count will increase and the weight machine will cry louder when you step onto it next time!

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  1. divya says:

    yeah, nature gives everything to us.we just need to explore it……..

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