100 things you should do when you are sad


1. Listen to a sweet romantic song.image
2. Do the most difficult work that has been pending for days.
3. See a zombie movie.
4. Write down the lyrics of that song you were listening to.
5. Bake a cake.
6. Eat dark chocolate.
7. Call someone you love and talk to him/her for 5 minutes every 1 hour until the person gets annoyed or your sadness goes away, whichever happens first.
8. Go for a walk to the nearby park and eat peanuts.
9. Do 50 abdomen crunches.
10. Drink 1 glass water after every 1 hour.
11. Go for shopping.
12. Get yourself a trendy haircut.
13. Try to sing that song yourself, for which you wrote down the lyrics.
14. If you are sad because your best friend is angry with you, then do something nice for him/her.
15. Make a card and express your feelings in it.
16. Mix rose water in a tub of warm water and take bath in it.
17. Dress nicely, apply a good perfume.
18. Plant a touch-me-not in a flower pot and keep it on your study table and occasionally touch it.
19. Pack the cake and the card for your best friend.
20. Take out an old album and relive the good memories.
21. Plan where you want to go on your next holiday. Do a research.
22. Make a really sad face and see yourself in the mirror.
23. Now smile into the mirror.
24. Continue doing whichever face you liked better.
25. Solve an easy Sudoku.
26. Find one old newspaper and make yourself a crown with it. Consult internet if you don’t know much of origami.
27. Get the card and cake delivered to your best friend. And pray to God that your cake tastes good.
28. Take a nap.
29. Zzzz….
30. Zzzz…..
31. Zzzzz…..
32. Zzzz….
33. Zzzz…
34. Zzzz….
35. Zzzz….
36. Zzzz….
37. Zzzz….
38. Zzzz…
39. Zzzz…
40. Have a sumptuous Chinese meal.
41. If your best friend returns that cake and card, shout on that touch-me-not plant.
42. Forward a very stupid joke to that friend through sms.
43. Watch kids in your building/locality playing outside.
44. Ask, if you could join them.
45. Treat the kids and yourself with some toffees.
46. Think why your best friend is your BEST friend.
47. Send him/her good vibes and promise to yourself never to hurt him/her again.
48. Do 50 push ups.
49. See the movie, Pursuit of Happyness.
50. Daydream about Will Smith or anyone you like.
51. With another newspaper, make a sword.
52. Wear the crown and take the sword in your hand, climb on the bed and imagine yourself to be the mightiest king of all time. A king so powerful and yet so kind. Powerful enough to fight any evil, even your sorrows. Kind enough to win anyone’s heart.
53. Call your mom and gossip with her.
54. Tell her your problem, there is a good possibility, she will have a solution for it.
55. Cry infront of the touch-me-not plant.
56. Write down your worries in a sheet of paper.
57. Tear it up and bury them in the garden.
58. Take a fresh paper and write down things which will make you happy. You can also write about having ‘hawa mithai’n stuff, don’t feel embarrassed.
59. Go to the nearest bookstore and buy an Agatha Christie detective novel. No way you can think about anything else once you are indulged in the story.
60. Read the book, while sipping a glass of ‘tang’.
61. Do what Barney Stinson (How I met Your Mother) does, Stop being sad and be awesome instead.
62. Be nice to everyone you meet that day.
63. Write down the nice things people have said about you in the past.
64. Play ‘Grumbum***’ with a friend.
65. While walking, do a quick waltz every other minute.
66. Play grumbum in a public place. The confused look on people around you will sure cheer you up.
67. Babysit your friends dog and play ‘Go fetch’ with him/her
68. Put the disco song and dance with your dog.
69. How about that difficult pending work you started doing, finish it.
70. Work hard.
71. Buy the beggar a sandwich.
72. Go to a temple and sit there in a corner for some time.
73. Have a nice and long chat with God.
74. Water your touch-me-not plant.
75. Sing that same song, for which you wrote lyrics, to your touch-me-not plant.
76. If it closed itself up, practice your song more.
77. Try eating peanuts by first tossing them in air and then catching it directly in your mouth. Count your score.
78. Make a video of yourself doing it, and send it to your best friend.
79. Try to remember what exactly you were sad for, once again.
80. Be a judge and decide if it is a good enough reason to be sad for.
81. Do you really want to do 100 things before becoming happy again?
82. Then read ahead.
83. Try smiling in such a way that all your teeth are shown.
84. Give that smile to the person sitting next to you.
85. Stop being silly and concentrate on the difficult and pending task you were doing.
86. Try the memory charm on yourself (spell to erase memory) to forget your sorrows.
87. Did it work? What..! You don’t know what you are reading about? Well done!
88. Then I don’t need to write 12 more points. Quit reading and be happy.

*** Grumbum is a game in which you have to hold a conversation with your opponent by speaking meaninglessly using gibberish but rhyming words. Whoever mumbles first losses the game.

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