Face Sheer, Desert Rose

Cosmetics that i cannot do without

Here is a list of few cosmetics that i have stumbled upon over the past couple of years and now

Health and Fitness

Little things to a healthier and fitter you

Dont have the time to hit the gym? Or the patience to follow a strict diet regime? Want to look


Whats the perfect height for your Mr Right?

An ideal guy is, as the saying goes, ‘tall, dark & handsome’! Girls generally get attracted to taller guys. Our

Life Insurance

Add life insurance to your New Year’s Resolution

We all make New Year’s resolution every year for all aspects of life. But this year make this as your


She Is Just Another Girl

She is just another Girl, Crazy, Stupid and Pure Pearl. Hopelessly and silently in love, A surprise to you from



Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived. Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge and all of the


Side by side Vs face to face couples

Few days back, me and my husband went to a chinese restaurant for dinner. We had been there  many times

neon atom

Nature repeats itself at extremes?

Imagine a structure having one centrally located object with large energy and few similar looking objects revolving around it. Where


The world needs more introverts!

In todays world where everything is so loud, attention grabbing, showy and flashy, we often tend to overlook the quieter,

hate bath

Skipping bath coz its freezing? Try drybath!!

In the month of December when temperature drops down to a single digit number, this thought invariably crosses almost everyones


Online shopping – it’s for everyone

Lets face it- we all love to shop. Trying on different clothes, buying new things, getting a great deal on

mad scientist

The “Blue Man”

Every human is known to have a little bit of madness in them. But the scientists, more so. Mad, intelligent

Water droplets on a wood surface treated with BASF's. 
Credit: nanotechweb

The Lotus Effect

What if your most favourite white dress would clean itself everytime you got out in the rain? What if your


Human brain is apparently tasty!!

In Eastern highland province, Papua New Guinea, a tribe natively known as Fore were known to practice Cannibalism. On the

Mila Kunis

The 100 most desirable women

Askmen.com has recently released its annual list of 100 most desirable women on the planet and surprise surprise our very