time machine

Best times to be in the past..

If I had a time machine, I would be in: 13th Century, Andhra Pradesh, in the kingdom of Krishnadev Rai.


Books made into popular movies

Some very well known movies in Bollywood as well as Hollywood are based on novels by renowned authors. Although the

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9 cool hobbies to have

Most of us spend a good part of the day working our heads off in front of a computer. And


Genghis Khan could be your great great….great grandfather!

Thanks to the super stud Genghis Khan, 1 in 200 men living today in the present time are directly related


Curse of the koh-i-noor

Koh-i-noor is the largest diamond known on earth for which innumerable battles have been fought in the past. It is


Animals that can teach us a thing or two about love

An owl monkey (a species of monkey that has a face like an owl) couple spends every moment of a


Two hearts, one beat

Has this happenned to you before – whereas you and your partner completely enjoyed a rather stupid movie, your friends


Your dog would rather prefer watching an HDTV !

Have you noticed your dog’s new found interest in watching the new HDTV you recently got? Puzzled why he never


Gorgeous Gorumara

Located on the flood plains of  river Murti and Jaldhaka in North Bengal, the Gorumara National Park offers a large


One woman Army — Mamata Banerjee

One woman army – this is how Mamata Banerjee, the mercurial Chief Minister of West Bengal, can be described.Mamata Banerjee

methi poori

Methi poori

Ingredients: 1. Methi leaves chopped  (2 cups) 2. Wheat flour (ata)   (1 & 1/2 cup) 3. Curd  (2 table spoon)

amitabh bachchan

How well do you know your Superstar?

Man of the Millennium, Shri Amitabh Bachchan doesn’t need any introduction. The man who has been all, an angry young


Future Scope

In the past we have seen some unimaginable things materialize into reality. Inventions and discoveries changing the very way of

alu ka dum

Alu ka Dum

Ingredients: 1. Alu (1/2 Kg) 2. Tomato (3 medium size)- Boiled, peel skin and make into a thick paste (puree)


Indian War Cry

War cry, also called Battle cry, is a kind of mantra chanted by the members of the military units during


What if you could ‘ctrl+z’ in life?

Did you ever unconsciously search for the “control” and “Z” keys after you put a little too much salt in


Cleopatra and the female ass!

The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra is known to be one of the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the history of


Up for a three-day-weekend?

How would you feel if weekends started Thursday night itself? If you had to work for only four days a


It’s raining bacteria..hallelujah!

Ever danced in the rain? Or collected hailstones? Then you should read this. Apparently, bacteria thrive in rain clouds. Yes


Top 10 romantic movies

With the Valentine’s day just a few days away, here’s a list of 10 best romantic movies of recent times


In love with cheese?

Pizza with extra cheese toppings, cheese pasta, bread with cheese stuffing along with a cheesy dip. Mouth-watering isn’t it? I


Beauty – Myths and Trivia

What’s the best way to care for Oily Skin? Contrary to popular opinion, you should use an oil-based cleanser to


Warrior, the movie to watch.

I am a self proclaimed movie freak. I religiously watch a movie everyday. I am specially drawn to the war


Things you must do before getting married

All single girls dream of getting married one day. But these days of singularity are not to be wasted. Take


10 yesteryear serials that can be watched again

As we grow up there sure comes days when we get really nostalgic about our childhood days. Days when the


Baul – Mystic minstrels Bengal

   The Bauls are mystic minstrels living in rural  Bengal. The Baul movement was at its peak in the nineteenth


Old is gold

These days, no one wants to grow old, one grey hair can send us into a total emotional frenzy. If

10 techniques for better photography

Top Ten Techniques For Better Pictures

1. Move close to your subject: Whether it is The Taj Mahal or your little daughter, get close enough so