First popular actress of Indian Cinema

Only if there was the plethora of choice the filmmakers today have for selecting the cast of a prospective movie,


Work –Life Balance- Possible?

Surveys say that more number of working moms are quitting their high profile jobs to be with their families. The


Colours for the Summer

While the bright sunny days can take away the lustre from your looks, you can always lessen the effect by


The present and future of Anticancer therapy

A very general question which arises in a scientific mind is – how the treatment works for cancer? The possible


Fair and Lovely

As a child, I remember there existed (it still exists) a fairness cream, called ‘Fair and Lovely’. It had always


The Gayle After Effect



Stand Up Comedy

“Stand-up comedy is a comedic style in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience, speaking directly to

Tequila barrels

Visiting Tequila in Mexico

Many people know the tequila, they have seen it in movies or series where people drink it with lemon. Tequila


Gayle Storm

Once upon a time there was a batsman named Gayle. This is an apocryphal version of his tale. Chris Gayle


Yet Another Scam – The Saradha Scam

Saradha chit fund scam has once again put Mamata Banerjee led Trinamul congress into another bizarre situation. A 16 page letter


Want to live beyond 100?

Research says that longevity is 10 percent genes and 90 percent lifestyle.   So it is our day to day habits



I didn’t see it coming, Had no way of seeing it coming, It did come and I was broke and


Can we really prevent cancer, what science says?

Till date many people believe that getting cancer is because of one’s fate or bad luck. But scientific research says

cinema hall

Theatre experience

In the last 5-10 years many things have changed. I pads have replaced personal diaries, Hybrids are replacing engine propelled

mama why did you name me this

The Parental Obsession

When a child is born, the first challenge the parents face is naming their kid. The name that will carry


Sahi Mutter Paneer

Ingredients: 1. 250 gms paneer 2. 100 gms butter 3. 100 ml cream 4. 4 big onions 5. 3 tomatoes

Sinful chocolate

Chocolate is good for you. Or maybe not!

The other day, I read an article about how chocolate is good for us. A slab of dark chocolate is


The Lords On Wheels

Let me ask you, the reader “What is the most majestic vehicle that you have seen on the Indian roads?”


Bindi – The in thing

At the recent MTV movie awards event, Selena Gomez was seen sporting an Indian look complete with a sparkling bindi


Cha, Tea or Kahwah: The story of the ancestors of Chai Latte

Chinese Emperor Shennong (2737 BC) once instructed a few to boil some drinking water. A leaf from a nearby shrub


Friday Humour

Here’s a dose of Friday humour featuring everyone’s favourite Calvin!

laughing out loud

Life could have been so much easier !

Ever hated the sun in summer and the muddy roads in rainy season, or the calorie count of the yummy


In Vitro Fertilization- An ancient technology

The science of fertilizing a human egg by sperm outside the body was witnessed by the world with the birth

know your power

Know Your Powers

In many inspirational quotations or speeches we’ve heard “A man can create WONDERS”, which never sinks into my mind. Sometimes


Through Anwesha’s Brush

This is the first in the series of talents promoted on Pinkjooz. Stay tuned for more! (Click on the images

10 percent myth

Is your brain sleeping? Probably not!

There are many celebrated myths around the world, which people love to talk about. Myths generally arise when something is


Architect of RPG group

Rama Prasad Goenka(RPG), architect of the RPG Enterprises conglomerate spanning varied interests from tyre to music, passed away at his


Singh was King

(Disclaimer: This article attempts at a comparison of the two great Sikhs of India and the similarities that they share


The Central Idea

Sometime back when I was delving deep upon the questions like, who am I? What is my relevance to this

Canopy Walk


(Click on the images to see a larger image) Lava is a small hamlet situated 34 kilometers east of the

Book Friendship

Friends With Benefits

“Every time you read you actually are privy to another mind that thinks, a mind that thinks a little differently;


This summer, eat mangoes!

There is a saying that if you eat plenty of this seasonal fruit, in the two to three months of

Happy pill

The “Happy Pill”

25 years ago, when Prozac was launched by its makers Eli Lilly and Company, little did they know that it

Feed Yourself to the Little Piranhas

Feed Yourself to the Little Piranhas

Everyone has the need to relax once in a while and the lap of luxury makes it far more relaxing!

Soy chicken wings

Soy Chicken Wings

Ingredients: SERVES 3-4 250 gm chicken wings 250 ml water 1 tbsp sliced spring onion 1 tsp sliced ginger 2

Google glass

Through the Looking Glass

Seeing through the “Google Glass”, Google’s newest innovation is in no way any lesser an experience than Alice’s adventure in


The River that made India

Ancient civilizations almost always developed around mighty rivers. The river Indus and its tributaries formed the Indus valley civilization around

Alaa Wardi - Prodigy Gifted

Alaa Wardi – Prodigy Gifted

I was going through my daily entertainment dose when I came across a link on YouTube. The link took me

4d printing

4D Printing: Building inherently smart objects

When the world is still striving to understand the concept of 3D printing, an MIT professor and computer scientist Skylar

Fat person on airoplane

A kilo is a kilo!

Samoa, an island state, formerly a part of New Zealand, is all set to charge passengers in airline according to


Patenting ideas-A Bane or boon to humanity?

India is fighting the Swiss drug company Novartis against its plea to patent a cancer drug. Failing which, the now