academic writing

Academic Writing- A Profession Anyone Can Opt (Part 2)

As promised, I am back with the second part of ‘Academic writing: a profession anyone can opt’. In our previous


10 Items of Daily Money Wastage

Yes! You read it correct. These are those 10 items which we use on a daily basis and waste money


The Cause of colour – Nandita Das voices against Fair being Lovely

Gandhi fought against Racism in South Africa a century ago but, little would he have imagined that a revolution has


Using DNA to store mankind’s knowledge

What if a few milligrams of DNA replaced your bulky hard drives to store your data? The scientists have proved


Have we become too Self-centred?

Last week I picked up a book titled, “The Games Indians play-Why we are the way we are!” by V.Raghunathan.


The Red Hills

The place has a charm of its own; to soothe you till you’re in a beautiful trance that you wish


Do not let the future be held hostage by the past. – Neal A. Maxwell

a�?Do not let the future be held hostage by the past.a�? – Neal A. Maxwell   Neal Ash Maxwell (July


Amar Bose died at 83

Amar Gopal Bose, Indian-American entrepreneur and academic behind the revolutionary sound systems of Bose Corporation, died on July 12 at

academic writing

Academic Writing- a Profession Anyone can Opt (Part 1)

Academic writing- one of the areas within the wider domain of writing, is fast gaining popularity. Also known as custom-paper


Do you accept hardships with equal ease as you embrace happiness?

Accept happiness and delightful moments with ease and lament when obstacles or hardships postpone our achievements- it is natural tendency and


The Chakma People of India

Some dams lead to natural disasters, some bring income to a nation and some dams destroy an entire communities and


The Story of Chappan Bhog (56 food offerings)

As per Hindu beliefs Lord Krishna used to have 8 meals a day. Once to save a village from the


Kolar Gold Mines open for Private Mining

Anyone can dig gold in the Kolar Gold Mines now. After 12 years of shutdown of mining activities, government will


Simple Steps to Rejuvenate Your Skin during Monsoon

Monsoon has arrived, and so does skin allergies and rashes. Extreme humidity makes skin oily while constant washing and drying


Humanity and Values- A Utopian Concept Now

Switch on the television. Switch on the radio. Log into Facebook. Read newspaper or watch news channel online- it’s everywhere.

Noor Inayat Khan

Noor Inayat Khan-The Spy Princess

Although gentle and unworldly in nature, she had been so fierce and brave in Nazi imprisonment, that she was declared


Morality of Parenthood

Today it is generally accepted that parents are immensely kind and forgiving towards their children. If everyone treats fellow beings


Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – Movie Review

“Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” is a thorough disappointment considering the powerful content its story line has. The movie makers have fared


Which is better, ghee or butter?

In Southern Asia consumption of both ghee and butter is high and the numbers of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases


Even terrorists live in terror!

Do you like stories? Of course yes, for everyone does. So let’s begin with one. Once upon a time (not


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

CORONAVIRUS MERS has emerged as an acute respiratory illness mostly originating from the Arabian Peninsula. Around 50% of the cases


Tuna nibbles

Ingredients: 1 can (6.5 oz/184 g) canned tuna, drained 1 egg 1 tsp (5 mL) minced parsley, fresh or dried

Tortilla roll-up

Ingredients: 1 tortilla, 8 inch (20 cm) 1 egg 1 Tbsp (15 mL) cooked chicken, turkey or ham, diced 2


Lootera – Defining Visual Poetry In Cinema

What constitutes good cinema? Lootera certainly has the makings of one.

Schejwan paneer

Schezwan paneer

Ingredients: Paneer- 250 gms, cut into large cubes Chopped onions- 2tbsp Chopped ginger and garlic- 1tsp Chopped capsicum- 2tbsp Chopped


Slimy Snail Facial – The Newest Beauty Treatment

A bunch of snails slowly crawling all over your face while living a shiny trail of slimy mucus behind is what


Teach your child right from wrong

“Children aren’t coloring books. You don’t get to fill them with your favorite colors”. –                                                   Khaled Hosseini Little ones

Sinful chocolate

Chocolate And Rheology

You are holding a piece of chocolate. You rub it a little between your fingers to make it warm and


Maacher Kalia (Exotic Bengali Fish In A Spicy Curd-Based Curry)

A wonderful fish curry usually made with any freshwater, firm fish. It owes it delicate taste to a combinations of

Kids, believe me!

Celebrity Kids – The Hype and Hoopla

Aaradhya, Suri, Maddox, Hrehan, North West, Azad…. Do you see where I’m going with this? “Celebrity” KIDS!! I would understand

Ready to Eat Meal

Few things that changed our lives

Some things have totally changed our lives over the past decade, and how! For good or for bad, our day


Olive Oil-Indigenous Production In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is going to become the new oil hub of the world. But not crude oil, the dessert state in

amjad khan_villain_bollywood

Villains as important as Heroes in Bollywood!

This month, Bollywood marked 100 years of its existence since the pre-independence era. For the past 100 years, the rather


Telegram in India: End of an Era

“We live in an era with no historical precedents. History is no longer useful as a tool in helping us


Down Syndrome – A Serious Genetic Disease

Down syndrome is a serious concern in modern era because of our changing lifestyle.  Most of the mothers are now



There is no such thing as talent. There is pressure. – Alfred Adler Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure is


Bigger Brain or a denser brain: Which has higher intelligence?

When it comes to brain, which one would you prefer, a bigger or a denser one? Human brain has grown

Parmesan Cheese tomato

Ingredients: 2 medium tomatoes 2 tsp (10 mL) light Parmesan cheese, grated 1⁄2 tsp (2.5 mL) basil, fresh or dried


Murgh Badami (Almond Chicken)

The nawabs and other royals of India were renowned for their refined culinary tastes. Legend has it they encouraged royal

Asshes tropy

The Ashes History – A look into the unparalleled England -Australia rivalry in cricket

“People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes – Abigail Van Buren” The Ashes Tournament stands to


Chronology of time and The Optical lattice Atomic Clock-The Next Generation timekeepers

In the past, for centuries, our ancestors had measured time with sun and the earth as reference. Gazing at the


SETI – Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Superman originally came from the planet Krypton, rocketed to earth by his Kryptonian father just before its destruction, so did

Glazed Carrot Slice

Ingredients: 3 or 4 carrots, sliced in thin circles 1 Tbsp (15 mL) butter or non-hydrogenated margarine 2 Tbsp (30

Veggie bake (A quick baked mixed vegetable recipe)

Ingredients: 4 cups (1 L) of a variety of cut up vegetables, fresh or frozen (examples: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) 1 can cream soup,


Meen Kulambu (Chettinad Fish Curry)

A complex, spicy, tangy, sour fish curry that brings together all the textures of South India. This is an unusual


‘LOVE’- What it is and What it is not!

I was running through a park one afternoon to avoid the down pour that had begun all of a sudden.


Lukla Airport At The Foothills Of Everest – Most Dangerous Airport In The World

If you think that braving the bone knapping temperatures, the unwarned avalanches and breathing in the thin air, apart from


Obesity And The Body Mass Index

Obesity is the condition of being excessively overweight. The term has its origin in the Latin Obesus meaning fatness or

Amelia Earhart

The biggest unsolved mystery of its time-Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance

Did Amelia Earhart crash into the Pacific Ocean and die? Or did she deliberately vanish to live a different life


Electronic tattoo- Motorola’s next generation venture

Reality is sure catching up with imagination. How do you feel about a tattoo on your body that will act


Effects of Maternal age on infant’s health

In recent decades the number of abnormal births have increased . The numbers are significantly more in developed countries where

Basic crepes

Ingredient : 4 eggs 1⁄4 cup (70 ml) canola oil 1 cup (300 ml) low-fat milk 3⁄4 cup (180 ml)

Macaroni and cheese

Dinner with two dynamic duo. Ingredients: 2 cups (500 mL) macaroni 2 cups (500 mL) milk, skim or 1% 1⁄4

Tuna melt

Ingredients: 1 can (6.5 oz/184 g) tuna (chunk, light, packed in water), drained 1⁄4 cup (60 mL) light mozzarella cheese,


Food Blogging – The Latest in Blogging

Blogs, since its rise in 2002 have steadily been developing and have become a source of information on any subject.

Gourmet potatoes

Ingredients: 4 cups (1L) leftover mashed potatoes 1⁄4 cup (60 mL) non-hydrogenated margarine 2 cups (500 mL) shredded cheddar cheese

Purple mow cow

Ingredients: 1⁄2 cup (125 mL) frozen 100% grape juice concentrate 1 1⁄4 cup (300 mL) frozen vanilla ice cream 1 cup

Lip-smacking good smoothies

Ingredients: 1 cup (250 mL) fresh, frozen or canned fruit (drained) 2 Tbsp (30 mL) 100% frozen fruit juice of

Easy pizza

Ingredients: Dough: 1 cup (250 mL) warm tap water 1 tsp (5 mL) sugar 1⁄2 tsp (2 mL) salt 2

Broccoli soup

Ingredients: 4 cups (1 L) broccoli, chopped 1 medium potato, peeled & chopped 1 cup (250 mL) celery, chopped 1

Egg drop soup

Ingredients: 4 cups (1 L) chicken broth or vegetable broth 2 Tbsp (30 mL) soy sauce 1 green onion, thinly

Chicken fingers

So yummy  you’ll forget chickens have wings.. Ingredients: 2 individual chicken breasts, boneless & skinless 2 Tbsp (30 ml) low-fat


The “Chinese” Eiffel Tower- Architectural replica!

The other day a friend who visited Paris on a business tour got me back a mini Eiffel Tower as


Surprising facts about what makes people Happy!

Professor Ruut Veenhoven, Director of the World Happiness Database and Emeritus professor of social conditions for human happiness at the


Lipstick or Lipgloss?

Females cannot think of their make up without adding anything to their lips to make them attractive and beautiful. For

Proceeding in HIV treatment

Now it’s time to change our conventional concept that there is no drug available for treatment of AIDS. On 28th