Tonglu Hamlet, Darjeeling

Tonglu , a small village in Darjeeling district in West Bengal, which should be visited once if you are in


The story of Unicef’s Greeting Cards

In Erstwhile Czechoslovakia, Unicef had a programme to provide drinking milk to school children. Dzitka and her classmates were regular drinkers of


Sundarban, the famous tourist place in West Bengal

The Sundarbans is well known for being the home of famous Royal Bengal Tiger. It is the largest block of


Karni Mata Mandir- The Rat Temple

Karni Mata Temple is located at Deshnoke on the outskirts of Bikaner which is famous as the temple where rats


The Water Palace of Tripura – NeerMahal

NEER MAHAL Rudrasagar lake is situated roughly 50 Km outside Agartala near Melaghar with 5.3 square kilometers water area. The

thermal protective for infants

Social Entrepreneurship to reduce Infant Mortality

More than 10 million low weight and premature children are born each year. They are prone to develop hypothermia a


why man needs different cosmetics than woman’s

A modern successful man must look good beside a stable job, friend and family. Nowadays different cosmetic products have been


“And Miss UAE is…” The Camel Beauty Pageant of UAE

If you attend the Al Dhafra Festival of Abu Dhabi, which is celebrated every year in the month of December,


Candy Crush Saga-The marijuana of this age

In a typical bus/train, if you happen to observe keenly, 8 out of 10 people will be occupied with their


Spontaneous Human Combustion

In one extremely bizarre case that surfaced in the August of this year, in a remote village in Tamil Nadu,


Masi and Mamas on the verge of extinction-Why single child is now the norm of present day Indian Society?

There was a time when summer vacations used to be all about family gatherings, usually in the grand parent’s house,


Vitamin D and Type 2 Diabetes, a new relation

Vitamin D is important in our body because it is responsible for enhancing intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate. Vitamin


Genetic regulation of alcoholism

Alcoholism in most cases seems to run in families and we also heard about scientific studies on “alcoholism gene”. But


Junagarh Fort and Bikaner

The Junagarh fort was built by King Raja Rai Singh, who ruled the region from 1571 to 1612. He had great love


Relationship between intelligence and fertility in human

In human fertility and intelligence has a correlation and research work in this area investigates the relationship time to time


Rajinikanth Facts: Revisited

This is a tribute to not just Rajinikanth but all his fans. His million FANs have nearly finished global warming


How Nelson Mandela became The Madiba?

The torrential rains of Tuesday didn’t deter the ten-thousand plus crowd of common men and world leaders who gathered in


Refilling the Dying Dead Sea

Dead Sea or the sea in which you can float, no matter what your statistics are, has a salinity of


“Green” Feeding Approach for Silkworms to produce naturally coloured silk

Textile industry has always been a significant part of human civilizations for as long as the recorded history goes back.

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Amer Fort, Jaipur

  Photo: entrance to fort The Amer fort in Jaipur was built by Raja Man Singh I beside the Maota

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Bharmour Manimahesh and Mount Kailash

  The postcard of Bharmour Bharmour was the ancient capital of the princely state of Chamba. It is situated at

Image Courtesy: Gizmag

Tech Talk of the week

Luna ring Japanese have always been the pioneer of technology and have given the world some of the best innovations.


The story of Mangal (MARS)

Photo: Mangal, son of Earth is also the God of wars. Here seen holding a mace, dent, trident and lotus


Simple but game changing Innovations

Go Green In Shower You would wonder how your daily morning ablutions could possibly be harmful to the environment. But


Arunachal Pradesh in ancient India (Hindu sites of Malinithan,Parashuramkund and Menchukha)

There are several ancient texts in India that mention the region of Arunachal Pradesh. According to the Arunachal Pradesh government

Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort – Jodhpur

One of my all time favorite destination in Rajasthan is Merangarh Fort, at Jodhpur. The most modernize fort and preferred