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The story of Sambhar

The story goes as follows. Sambhaji, The Maratha leader was at one point in charge of Tanjavur in present Tamil

online presence

Online Cyber Space Presence – Tips

 Vast sea of real people exist in virtual world. Everyone is welcome, but who to be trust is one thing which stuns


The turbulent reign of women in the political arena of India

International women’s day 2014 and Indian general elections 2014  All over the world march 8th – International Women’s Day is


Virtual liver product by IISc professor, patented in US

The virtual liver—a ready-to-use software simulation—mimics normal liver functions and generates likely outcomes of new drugs before the drug is

Khejur gur payesh

Recipe for Khejur Gurer(Nalen Gurh) Payesh

  Ingredients: 1 tblsp raisins 1 cup basmati rice 3 green cardamoms 1 tblsp cashew nuts 2 cup Khejur gur

gaming evolution

Gaming World – To the Core…

When colour dot started capturing market, one game was the epic in that era that catapult the gaming industry was

intrnet beginning

The Inception – Internet

Internet today as we know was transformed into ARPANET. Very basic network switching was the technology involved in it which later moved to include packet satellite