Hindu Temples of Balochistan

Astola (Satadwip) Island now known as Astola. the name itself is a concatenated distortion of Indo-Iranian words Ashta (eight) and


Changlang in Arunachal opens homestay

A small tribal community in the hills of Changlang district in Arunachal Pradesh have opened their homes for people to


(YAOSHANG FESTIVAL) – Holi Manipur Style

MANIPUR (YAOSHANG FESTIVAL) Yaoshang festival is one of the most important festival of Manipur. main highlight of the festival is


The power of a purpose oriented life:-A spiritual lesson

Feeling of I am empowers you   Your thoughts are discrete, not continuous as they appear. One thought comes and

magical path

The Magical Path to a New You- By Narayan Behera

The Magical Path to a New You” is a self-help guide designed to integrate certain profound spiritual principles into your