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About Pinkjooz

We believe, everyone has a passion, apart from what they do for living. Cooking , reading about magic, watching sci-fi movies, Playstation or Xbox , photographing his own bike. And so, certainly he or she will have many interesting things to tell about that passion of his to others. We want everyone to do exactly that in Pinkjooz. Write anything and everything about what we absolutely love to do, watch or read about.

Pinkjooz seeks to become the platform to democratize the concept of writing and giving equal opportunity to anyone who seeks to give an original take on any issue without compromising on plagiarism or resorting to any form of abuse.

Wanna join our tell-a-tale party? You are most welcome! Shoot us a mail at  pinkjooz@gmail.com and we’ll revert at the earliest. We’ll certainly love to hear from you!