Academic Writing- a Profession Anyone can Opt (Part 1)


Academic writing- one of the areas within the wider domain of writing, is fast gaining popularity. Also known as custom-academic writingpaper writing, it entails completing thesis, dissertations, projects, reports, term papers, assignments and write-ups in subjects pertaining to academia.

Whether you are a lawyer, engineer, software developer, psychiatrist, doctor or any professional for that matter, academic writing seeks expert knowledge and opinion. The most amazing thing about academic writing is that you write on subjects you are adept at. Further, if you are into academic writing in your specialized subject, your learning and knowledge quotient would know no bounds.

Qualifications required to be an academic writer

If at any point of time, you have been called by names like ‘book worm’, ‘studious’ or similar ones, you automatically qualify to be an academic writer. Technically, you need to hold at least a Post-Graduation degree in your area of specialization. Doctorate or any diploma/higher degree would be the best.

Secondly, you ought to have a good hold over written English. Knowledge of grammar, sentence formation, clarity and a good vocabulary would lead you ahead in this field.

Requirements to be a good academic writer

A strict ‘NO’ to plagiarism is the key to sustain in academic writing field. Either you paraphrase or cite the sources, never ever get swayed away by the compulsion to copy and paste. People seeking your writing services are not idiots and have robust plagiarism checking tools which will find out your mistake in a jiffy. For this purpose, get yourself acquainted with citation styles like Harvard, APA, MLA, Oxford and others.

To be a good writer, you need to have an open mind towards grasping and learning anything and everything. Never say no to learning. Academic writing would call for reading hundreds of journals, reports, papers and spent hours into researching matter. If you feel like copying material after a month or so, academic writing is probably not meant for you.

Why the requirement for academic writers?

Good question indeed. Let me explain. Academic writing projects usually flow from University located overseas- Australia, The US, UK and other foreign countries. Students in these universities are mostly from other nations and have to work hard to sustain a living in such expensive nations. They work part-time and can afford to attend classroom lectures only. They don’t get enough time to complete homework and term assignments. This is why; they outsource their projects to us and pay in lieu of assignments written as per instructions and quality-intact.

Also, since cut-copy-paste is strictly forbidden in all foreign Universities, they cannot possible adopt the way we Indians are used to passing our semesters. Thus, need for good academic writers is on a constant upsurge.


…to be continued (read about how to find academic writing jobs, how to register and prevailing pay-rates in the next part)

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