Academic Writing- A Profession Anyone Can Opt (Part 2)


As promised, I am back with the second part of ‘Academic writing: a profession anyone can opt’. In our previous discussion, we talked about how academic writing is getting popular with people having a flair for writing. I also elaborated on the qualifications, quintessential requirements and ‘why academic writers’ to give you an idea of the scope this industry entails.

Let’s take the discussion to more intricate details now:

How to find academic jobs

Mr. Double Click is replete with websites offering custom-paper writing jobs. Use the keyword ‘custom-paper writing’ and popular academic writing websites will flash in front of you within seconds. Since these sites have recently mushroomed in, not all of them are authentic. You need to be really careful and cautious when starting to work with them.

However, Google is not the only source to find such jobs. If you have a good social circle and connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, Skillpages, etc. people offering academic writing jobs will contact you.

How to register with academic writing websites

It’s free! Yes, this is the answer to the first question which comes to your mind. Registering on these websites is free of cost. You need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Furnish your personal details like name, address, telephone number, email id, subjects you would like to write on, etc.

Step 2: Answer a few questions like ‘what is plagiarism’, ‘what do you think are the qualities of a good writer’, ‘why should we select you as a writer’, ‘do you know about citation styles? If yes, which ones’ and so on.

Step 3: Pass a grammar test (It is objective-type and mandatory. If you fail, you don’t proceed to the next level and cannot register again with the same email id).

Step 4 (optional with some sites): You might be needed to pass a separate test on citation styles alone. Check this out beforehand for then, you need to keep all the citation guides open in front of you while you give the test. It is also objective-type.

Step 4: Provide scanned documents of your latest earned qualification.

Step 5: Based on the choice of subjects provided by you in Step 1, they will give you a sample paper to write on. It will be an essay of 275-300 words. You have to format it as specified and also cite the stated number of references. Usually, 3-4 days time is given to complete the sample paper.

After you have submitted your sample paper, you need to wait and keep your fingers crossed. Some websites reply in a couple of days, while some take upto a week also. If successful, they will give you a username and password with which you are entitled to explore the world of knowledge and learning!

Prevailing pay-rates

Here comes your million-dollar question- the one you were searching for in the entire text!

These websites belong to the US and UK, hence they pay you in $s and £s.

US websites have rates close to $3-5 per page where one page contains 275 words on an average. The rates are directly proportional to strict deadline, degree equivalent of the paper (high school, bachelor, graduate or PhD), standard (2:1, 2:2, Premier), number of pages, etc. For urgent papers (to be submitted within a couple of hours), they might pay you upto $16-20 a page.

If it is a UK website, rates are sky-rocketing. It is based on number of words and not page-wise. For 500 words, pay-rate is £17 for 2:2 degree level and £20 for 2:1. A word of experience and caution for all- you need to give equal inputs in terms of quality and consistency if you want output in this range. One detected case of plagiarism and you are out from their roster of writers- without even a warning!


…to be continued (read about paper bidding process, do’s and don’ts and some funny experiences in the third and concluding part)


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