Academic Writing- A Profession Anyone Can Opt (Part 3)


I am back again with the third and concluding part of ‘Academic Writing- A Profession Anyone Can Opt’. In the last two articles of this series, I academic writingtold you about the qualifications, requirements, pay-rates and registration process at academic writing websites.

This article is dedicated to paper-bidding process and some do’s and don’ts in academic writing. If the field has already tempted you to give it a try, don’t miss reading this third part.

The Paper-bidding process

After successful enrollment with the websites, you are allowed to explore through the papers available. You can find papers on business, management, law, philosophy, engineering, construction, finance and accounting, psychology, environment studies and so on. However, you can bid for papers that fall in your expert domain- the subjects you have mentioned while furnishing your personal details during registration.

The custom-writing websites are quite user-friendly in terms of navigation and you can filter the papers based on subjects. For example, choose finance and all papers falling in this category will be shown to you. Now if Finance is one of your specialized areas, check out all papers listed- look for the topic, the instructions, the deadline, the price quoted and number of references needed. Based on which ones suit your capacity and interest to write on, you need to bid.

Bidding means you specify in brief why you should be considered to complete a particular paper/case/brief. Bidding process is meant to find the most competent writer to complete a particular assignment/report/project. While bidding, you can also quote a higher price if you feel you can deliver it in better quality.

For new writers, it is advised that they bid on small papers- 2-3 pages only. Their bid on high-priced and bulky papers won’t be accepted readily as the administration has no record of your quality, experience, writing expertise or consistency. With time, most of your bids will start getting successful.

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Payment here is directly transferred to your bank account via PayPal, Wire Transfer or other international transfer modes. So you need to get your transfer link ready. For example, if you choose PayPal, register with it and get your bank account linked with it. This whole process takes around a week, so it is better to get it done before your payment falls due.
  2. Payment timings offered here include bi-monthly, monthly or after a fixed number of projects. It is advisable to choose monthly. The invoice figures are not big enough in 15 days and in fixed number of projects, you might have to wait for months for your payment, depending upon your speed of completing projects.
  3. Always bid for a paper when you are sure you can complete it on time. Also, study the instructions carefully.
  4. If after being assigned to a paper, you feel instructions are not clear or you want any clarification from the client, do so at your earnest. Message the client directly or via administration, otherwise after paper submission, if the work lacks quality or is not completed as per instructions, you will be blamed for negligence and penalized.
  5. You can always ask for time extension, but make sure that you don’t demand it when it is time to submit the paper finally.
  6. If a paper has various topics and being a writer, you are allowed to choose on your own, go ahead, but it is recommended that you get client’s approval on your choice. Sometimes, despite the freedom to choose, client’s complaint that they were not consulted or informed.
  7. You are supposed to write according to instructions. If after submission, the client changes the instructions and asks you to revise the paper accordingly, bring the matter to administration. Revisions are allowed on original instructions only. If instructions are changed, it amounts to addition which has to be accompanied with extra pay.

I am in this field for last 4 years and fully aware of the intricacies. Once, a revision came to me. I was surprised to read what it demanded. It said,

“Dear Writer

I appreciate your efforts. But I am an average student in my class and have never attained more than passing marks. What you have written is beyond my level and my tutor will immediately find out that it is written by someone else. So I request you to please degrade the paper and lower its level. Since I am a foreign student with no good English; insert grammatical and punctuation errors to make my paper look authentic.


You will encounter such clients and others with weird demands. Some might even send their papers back to just change the language from American to British English or bold the headings or increase the font. You will feel angry on their incompetency but since they are paying us, we need to do what they demand.

Last but not the least, challenge your writing limits. Try writing on different topics- even those you haven’t studied or read before. Remember- academic writing is a field where knowledge and learning is abound.

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