Are we heading towards a dumb future?


Thanks to the unbelievably smart technologies coming up every other day, the common human population is facing lesser and lesser challenges stupid in everyday life. We don’t need to do our maths, calculator does, we don’t need to go out there and do research to find out things, internet does, we don’t need to imagine how we would look in that new hairstyle, the software shows us. The theory of evolution says that over successive generations, only those organs or body parts evolve, which are needed. Could this mean, that we are heading towards a less intelligent era? A planet full of dumb people? Could be.

The Flynn’s effect, named after Professor James Flynn, on the contrary, says that, the average intelligence of people had increased over successive generation. This was possibly true for the 19th and 20th century, the period over which the test data were collected. In this period, the education system had improved significantly. Not only that, the nutrition and hygiene of people had become an important issue for the society. People had become more aware of their health and available medical facilities. All these reasons could have added to the increased intelligence of humans. But the question is does this theory hold true now, the ultra modern era, the 21st century? There are several reasons to think otherwise.

The intelligent people now, are very career oriented. They work very hard and have lesser time for being active socially. They marry late in life and reproduce less. Whereas, the not so intelligent population marry and reproduce several times in their lives. And so, intelligence being genetically inheritable, is decreasing on the average. Not only that, there are several other possible causes.

The food habit of the new generation of human beings is again changing. Food is mostly processed and preserved. We drink soft drinks more often than water. Chips and gums have become the staple food of the new generation. In school and colleges, being the topper is no more the ‘cool thing’. The intelligent kids are called ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’ and are made fun of. People in general read less books now a days. They prefer to watch movies or go to parties.

It only seems possible then, that after some 50 more years, people will be half as intelligent as we are today. Intelligent human beings will become almost extinct.


3 thoughts on “Are we heading towards a dumb future?

  1. Suman says:

    I take a vote against the topic.
    Technology has evolved purely because of intelligence.The same has happened, with our visualization,our perception.We have learnt to question “HOW”. Though I would say have nowadays “redundant gadgets”, have epitomized status of elite society,even have digressed us from our focus; but even these on a positive note , even these are embedded with the biggest gift “The Creativity”,whose exploitation lies on us.

  2. blue witch says:

    Thats true! Modernization is harming us in unknown ways..

  3. TariniKhuro says:

    Thanks Blue Witch for the beautiful topic.
    I have little observation on this topic.
    It is true, modern technologies make us dumb in many ways. And undoubtedly hits on our emotional quotient too. Modern days’, smart user friendly technological gadgets, made people more vulgar on their emotions. Simplicity, sensitivities are slowly moving from us. Ordinary people started to think that they are smarter than ever. As, people started to live their live in virtual world, most of them are unable to perform emotionally in reality.
    People are busy with techno toys and slowly forgot the quest for the greatest question ever – “Who we are?”

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