Bhootnath Returns: Lively Review


Goodness demolishes what is bad. However at times bad practices also negate other bad practices. Bhootnath’s son disagreed to pay bribe to obtain his father’s death certificate and hence the corrupt official never issues a death certificate. When political rivals rake up the issue of a dead candidate not being able to vote and hence ask for nullification of his candidature, this very lack of certificate compounded by the fact that some dummy voting was done with his voter-id in the previous election while he was actually dead, makes it feasible for a good dead man to contest for the parliamentary election.

“You need to be an Indian citizen of 25 or above to stand for an election. You need to have a voter-id for that constituency. It is not explicitly mentioned that you need to be alive to be able to contest.”

Earlier Bhootnath having returned to Bhootworld faces ridicule due to the fact that he did not manage to frighten few children. With a long queue running in crores for reincarnation, Bhootnath requests for one chance to regain his respect and returns to earth as a ghost with the sole purpose to strike fear in the hearts of few children and get his name cleared.

However he meets Akhrot, a slum kid from Dharavi who can see him due to a technical fault of Bhootworld system (they are working on correcting it). They become friends and in return for removing ghosts from incomplete buildings, Akhrot gets some money from builders that help his mother to run their house. The local MLA learns about this and hires Akhrot to evacuate ghosts from a multi crore building complex. There they are faced with ghosts of people killed by the building mafia and forced to think about contesting to clean the political system.

With some persuasion, a ghost enters the election fray for the first time and solves many problems with his bhootiya (ghostly) powers before being challenged to forsake his powers by the sitting MLA (don). Akhrot, inspite of being aware of the risk to his life, keeps the secret with himself. He is fatally wounded in the attack but is brought back to life a Bhootnath’s request. Bhootnath argues with the chief of Bhootworld that the child has seen a vision of a better country and if he is not alive what world will wait for the reincarnates.

The film has all the plot and story to captivate audiences and all actors including Amitabh Bacchan, Boman Irani , child actor Partho and supporting actors perform above expected levels. Concepts like bhootmail and bhootcapturing are introduced. The film is best enjoyed if seen from the perspective of the importance of voting and voting for good candidates.

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