Boredom – The Desire for Desires!


Boredom is something we all have faced some time or the other in life. It is the state of mind when it is relatively empty and boredomone feels a sense of nothingness or meaninglessness. By being empty I mean not having anything to occupy the mind or having no stimulus. The mind longs to be excited about something, to be engaged. The mind desires for desire.

Strangely, in this new age of unimaginable variety of gadgets and various modes of entertainment available, people are more often plagued with boredom as compared to a decade ago. The problem is that these days we are so overstimulated all the time that the mind finds it difficult to focus on one. And when there is no stimulation at all, like when you are sitting alone with a power cut in your house and nothing to power your e-needs, it feels a certain void, an emptiness that has to be filled. On the contrary, it is the same emptiness or the void which is desired by people like painters, poets or writers that being the ideal condition for new ideas to come, for something creative to take birth. So, boredom can be boon to some and bane for others. But can boredom really kill, as we so often end up speculating?

Research surveys conducted over a group of people from different age groups say that boredom can actually kill. People who feel bored in life more often than people who don’t, live a shorter life. This sounds a little too much to believe in. But to think of it, it sounds possible. People who feel bored and unmotivated in life very often, are more likely to engage in unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and sometimes even drugs which fills that uncomfortable void in their mind. It gives people a “high” feeling, a pseudo state of excitement and thrill. Needless to say, they have their own side effects.

The point is, just like the body needs food to go on, the mind needs food too. The feeling of boredom is just the minds way of saying that its hungry. Every mind feels hungry and that is normal. But just like you cannot go on without food, you cannot go on feeling bored in life. The mind has to be fed with new ideas and thoughts and hobbies and dreams and other such healthy food. Reading books, watching movies, taking up new social activities like dance classes, mountaineering, gardening etc can be the right food for your mind. But not always does your mind need an external food/stimulation. Writing, day dreaming, planning for your future can also be as good and as satisfying for your mind. The time when you are alone or when your mind is free from external stimulation can also be the perfect time for self-reflection, a time to count the nice things in your life and show gratitude for them.

When rightly fed and taken care of, the mind can do wonders for you. So next time when you are satisfying your gastronomical desires, be in a lookout for your minds food too.


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