Can you feel what you feel


Only what I can feel now – – the title is puzzling you a lot

Surely, all of you have experienced a ‘not feeling good’ situation, if you are being questioned why… you will not have the answer to this because you really do not know what exactly making you feel bad.

We are surrounded by people and embedded with events, so the facts or events which are not directly related to us can also affect our mental status. How??

While trying to analyse the situation, I found it’s very funny!!

The word ‘Comparison’ has great value, as everything is relative and nothing is absolute in this universe!

In agreement with the same, human beings have a tendency to compare or relate things, it could be between objects, between animals or between human being. The last one is dangerous and could be impactful in many ways!

Generally, we like to compare but do not like to be compared. While being compared, we would react as don’t compare with others, I don’t like it; this is true if you are being compared with a subordinate personality than you.

In opposite, if you are being compared with a supreme or reputed personality- then you will be very happy and proud as well. And the person who was comparing you with, would become your friend.

This is exactly what happens in our daily life… we say I don’t like comparison but surely we compare ourselves with other friends or colleagues and will try to analyse who is the better achiever; as a result to this, we may feel good or bad!!

We also get disturbed with the things on which we do not have a direct control. For example, your husband did not get the promotion – that troubles, but what makes you more disturbed is- one of his colleague got the promotion!! Next, how my neighbour got the same model of washing machine at a better price than me?

And at last you may get disturbed by the people whom you do not meet or you are not going to meet ever in your lifetime, how??

Assume, Mr X got offered with a very good salary package in a very young age. Not you, but your friend knows Mr X, as he is the friend of your friend’s cousin or someone got 25 lakhs cash unexpectedly from his in-laws and suddenly become rich. After listening to these, you will start comparing your age with Mr X or you will be calculating the salary you were getting in that age! And surely you will think why your in-laws cannot offer you some money, at least something??

In my opinion, these indirect things which are not related but can affect us due to our unmindful comparison: after few hours we may forget what had happened and why we have started feeling bad.

This is what we are- the human beings!! Like everything, comparison also has its good and bad side.

Comparison is good if you wish to see and implement some good things/habits on you to make you more successful.

And in all other cases comparison is bad and deleterious, even it can harm you to the extent.

We all are individuals with different capabilities.

So, do not compare and be happy in life!!

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