To Bridge the Gap between Basic and Medical Science

In the era when we are talking about precision medicine or personalized medicine and multidisciplinary /interdisciplinary research, there still exists


Prawns , body cholesterol and health

One can enjoy prawns as a sumptuous delicacy irrespective of whatever the recipe is; on and above, it helps in


A shift in dengue symptoms! Prevention and home remedies to combat Dengue

Dengue (Pronounced as Dengee) fever is caused by any one of the four closely related viruses (serotypes) transmitted by Aedes


Safed Musli: Indian Spider Plant

[This article is about Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum) found across India and its closely related species (Chlorophytum arundinaceum) found in India’s northeastern


Causes and natural remedies of acne

Acne vulguris or simply acne is a type of skin disorder mainly during adolescence, though may present at any age.

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Eggs to control appetite

Great  news for those who wants to lose extra pounds. Recently research work shows that if you have eggs in


Effects of day care on baby’s mental health

In the past three months my baby was going to the day care and suddenly I found a drastic change


Marfan Syndrome, a life threatening rare genetic disorder

Connective tissue (CT) is a kind of animal tissue that supports, connects, or separates different types of tissues and organs


Medical Marijuana: Application in Obesity,Arthritis,Infertility treatment and more

Medical Marijuana: Application in Obesity,Arthritis,Infertility treatment and more The US state of Colorado has allowed sale of cannabis for recreational

thermal protective for infants

Social Entrepreneurship to reduce Infant Mortality

More than 10 million low weight and premature children are born each year. They are prone to develop hypothermia a


Relationship between intelligence and fertility in human

In human fertility and intelligence has a correlation and research work in this area investigates the relationship time to time


Hyenas treat mental illness in Somaliland

In Somalia, hyenas are believed to be the best cure for mental illness.


The Nipple Tattooist – Vinnie Myers

If 25 years ago, someone would have told Vinnie, that the purpose of his life will be tattooing 3-dimensional nipples


Importance of folic acid for human health and its natural sources

Folic acid or folate also known as vitamin B9 is essential for numerous physiological functions in our body. Human body


Bionic leg controlled by thoughts

A few years ago Zac Vawter had an accident when he was driving his motorcycle that cost him his right


Swallowing Live Fish, Cure to Asthma – A Mystery of Ancient India

Can you brave gulping down a live fish? No, not as an act of dare, but because it is claimed

food heal

Five Foods That Heal !!

We all are aware about the healing properties of food (and about the damaging ones too!). So exactly how does


Scrumptious fat free desserts

Hidden fat and sugar in recipes and ready-made desserts can often be the downfall of a weight control plan. But



What is Bulimia – Nervosa? Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by frequent episodes of binge eating, followed by


Top 10 natural sources of vitamin C

Vitamin C is important for natural growth of human body and to increase immunity. Our body cannot store excess vitamin

Enjoying the sun

Natural sources of estrogen- the major female hormone

Estrogens or oestrogens are the group of compounds synthesized in both male and female body but significantly larger amount in


7 Major Health Benefits Of Oats

Oats are very good choice to start your day with healthiest and perfect breakfast ever. Still it’s surprising that almost


Garlic, the nature’s remedy

Garlic is famous in Indian cuisine for its aroma and Indian curries are incomplete without it. This simple ingredient is


10 Items of Daily Money Wastage

Yes! You read it correct. These are those 10 items which we use on a daily basis and waste money


Simple Steps to Rejuvenate Your Skin during Monsoon

Monsoon has arrived, and so does skin allergies and rashes. Extreme humidity makes skin oily while constant washing and drying



There is no such thing as talent. There is pressure. – Alfred Adler Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure is


Obesity And The Body Mass Index

Obesity is the condition of being excessively overweight. The term has its origin in the Latin Obesus meaning fatness or


Effects of Maternal age on infant’s health

In recent decades the number of abnormal births have increased . The numbers are significantly more in developed countries where

eat all_eat less

Eat Less, Eat All!

Did you ever overwork your will power to stop yourself from indulging into the yummy looking chocolate fantasy that your


Type 2 Diabetes: The Next Tsunami!

By Ram Jagannathan Background: The cataclysmic increase in type 2 diabetes has become a major healthcare burden. In 2011, there

hair fall therapy

Lemon – nature’s miracle

One major thing that one notices is that commercial advertisements  for various citrus drinks are  quite active during summer. All big


Fat or lipid?

Our generation is very much aware of their body weight and they try to maintain a proper toned body. In


Diet and Myths

As soon as summer starts grocery store fills up with fat free, diet healthy food ranges in almost every aisle.

Female hands with red nails holding red and pink rose petals.

Taking care of your hands

Your hands are one of the most used parts of your body. Starting from washing clothes, exposure to sun and


Tofu vs Paneer – a Real Battle on Nutritional Ground

We are all aware of paneer (coagulated milk product), a common dish in north India. Paneer plays a significant  role


Go Fish! – Becoming A Fishetarian

Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-lover, sometime or the other in life, you must have got yourself involved


Want to live beyond 100?

Research says that longevity is 10 percent genes and 90 percent lifestyle.   So it is our day to day habits


Can we really prevent cancer, what science says?

Till date many people believe that getting cancer is because of one’s fate or bad luck. But scientific research says

Sinful chocolate

Chocolate is good for you. Or maybe not!

The other day, I read an article about how chocolate is good for us. A slab of dark chocolate is


This summer, eat mangoes!

There is a saying that if you eat plenty of this seasonal fruit, in the two to three months of

Happy pill

The “Happy Pill”

25 years ago, when Prozac was launched by its makers Eli Lilly and Company, little did they know that it

Feed Yourself to the Little Piranhas

Feed Yourself to the Little Piranhas

Everyone has the need to relax once in a while and the lap of luxury makes it far more relaxing!


Medicinal value of the beautiful spice

Chili peppers originated in the Americas but now India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of this hot spice.


Cleopatra and the female ass!

The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra is known to be one of the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the history of


Beauty – Myths and Trivia

What’s the best way to care for Oily Skin? Contrary to popular opinion, you should use an oil-based cleanser to


Lactose Intolerance – A scientific view

Milk is considered a part of every balanced diet, but unfortunately some people are not able to digest milk .This


10 Reasons Why Yogurt is Good For You

1. Yogurt is easier to digest than milk. Many people who cannot tolerate milk, either because of a protein allergy


Candida – Dual Nature Fungus

Candida yeasts are generally present in healthy humans, particularly on the skin, but their growth is normally limited by the

Health and Fitness

Little things to a healthier and fitter you

Dont have the time to hit the gym? Or the patience to follow a strict diet regime? Want to look