golden dream

Golden Dreams: Why We Still Did Not Recover the Gold

Breaking Dream: The Lootera team (Ranveer Singh and co.) had already stolen the 10000 tonne gold from Dhaundia Kheda village


Missing Link In Human Evolution Discovered! Guess Who?

Renowned Paleontologist Dr. Ramdev has claimed the discovery of a new hominid species. He made this claim on the basis


The Goo Face Twit Syndrome

Life hasn’t been the same since the advent of the internet. The three internet giants Google, Facebook and Twitter have


The Gayle After Effect



Stand Up Comedy

“Stand-up comedy is a comedic style in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience, speaking directly to


Gayle Storm

Once upon a time there was a batsman named Gayle. This is an apocryphal version of his tale. Chris Gayle


The Lords On Wheels

Let me ask you, the reader “What is the most majestic vehicle that you have seen on the Indian roads?”


Friday Humour

Here’s a dose of Friday humour featuring everyone’s favourite Calvin!

laughing out loud

Life could have been so much easier !

Ever hated the sun in summer and the muddy roads in rainy season, or the calorie count of the yummy