Online Shopping Portals: A quick guide

We should be thankful to the moment when the idea of first online shopping portal was conceived, for this has


Social Entrepreneurship with Milk

Social entrepreneurship is essentially a for-profit business solution where the primary profit is linked towards eliminating social problems. The economic aspect


Challenges faced by e-commerce site

E-commerce is the revolutionary buzz and talk of the town. Eliminating geographical gaps, it has brought buyers and sellers closer

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Academic Writing- A Profession Anyone Can Opt (Part 3)

I am back again with the third and concluding part of ‘Academic Writing- A Profession Anyone Can Opt’. In the

academic writing

Academic Writing- A Profession Anyone Can Opt (Part 2)

As promised, I am back with the second part of ‘Academic writing: a profession anyone can opt’. In our previous


10 Items of Daily Money Wastage

Yes! You read it correct. These are those 10 items which we use on a daily basis and waste money

academic writing

Academic Writing- a Profession Anyone can Opt (Part 1)

Academic writing- one of the areas within the wider domain of writing, is fast gaining popularity. Also known as custom-paper


Olive Oil-Indigenous Production In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is going to become the new oil hub of the world. But not crude oil, the dessert state in


World Currency: Mergers and Dissolutions

A Currency unit is the elementary entity of any monetary system that is applicable for a valid duration in any


Contactless Payment and RFID skimming – Security Before Ease

Tired of long queues at coffee shops, movie ticket counters or your favorite grocery stores? A payment feature called payWave


Crypto Currency

Imagine a currency that had the same value in every country. A currency that doesn’t fluctuate with the economy of


Architect of RPG group

Rama Prasad Goenka(RPG), architect of the RPG Enterprises conglomerate spanning varied interests from tyre to music, passed away at his

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10 Top Overseas Acquisitions by Indian Companies…

Indian companies have certainly become more ambitious.Most companies are no more restricted them in India only . In today’s world,


Ever heard of Tulip Mania??

  Ever imagined a flower being sold over a price of one’s entire life’s saving.. or someone selling one’s house


Which partnership are you engaged in?

Often people of similar interests come together and engage themselves into a mutual agreement to work together on an idea


Home Loan Sanctioning and Disbursement Process

Based on my recent experience I am sharing my home loan application process. Home loan can be a intimidating and


A brief introduction to Provident Fund (PF)

Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) is a benefit scheme for salaried individuals for their old age after their retirement. It is


Car Insurance 101

What is car insurance or motor insurance? Car insurance or motor insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company

Life Insurance

Add life insurance to your New Year’s Resolution

We all make New Year’s resolution every year for all aspects of life. But this year make this as your