Powerwall- By Tesla motors

  Is the   “Power wall”  by TESLA , the  ultimate solution of power crisis over the globe? Before getting


Cord Blood Bank

The “cord blood bank” or “umbilical cord blood bank” are – the private or public facilities which collect and store


Fairness Creams: From laboratory to the Market

The idea of fairness creams has emerged from the worldwide preference (mainly in South Asia) for fair skin. White skin


“Mine Kafon”- Life saving design

MINE KAFON In countries with war-ravaged pasts such as Cambodia, those with on-going military operations such as Afghanistan and in


Marfan Syndrome, a life threatening rare genetic disorder

Connective tissue (CT) is a kind of animal tissue that supports, connects, or separates different types of tissues and organs


Virtual liver product by IISc professor, patented in US

The virtual liver—a ready-to-use software simulation—mimics normal liver functions and generates likely outcomes of new drugs before the drug is

pretty formula

Ugliest and the prettiest formula

Formulas can be just a few letters and weird symbols twisted together to form an alien looking string that has

stress analysis of a strapless gown

The Ig Nobel Prize – Celebrating the funny yet mind-boggling Scientific Discoveries

Did you know that a cow who has been given a name is likely to give more milk than a


Bio-engineering/ Biotechnology in our daily life

Biotechnology uses techniques to modify biological systems by genetic engineering or genetic modification and it is the direct manipulation of


Spontaneous Human Combustion

In one extremely bizarre case that surfaced in the August of this year, in a remote village in Tamil Nadu,


Vitamin D and Type 2 Diabetes, a new relation

Vitamin D is important in our body because it is responsible for enhancing intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate. Vitamin


Genetic regulation of alcoholism

Alcoholism in most cases seems to run in families and we also heard about scientific studies on “alcoholism gene”. But


Relationship between intelligence and fertility in human

In human fertility and intelligence has a correlation and research work in this area investigates the relationship time to time


Invisibility Cloak – A myth Or Reality?

When Harry and his friends goes right past the inescapable glare of Professor Snape, safely without causing much of a


Note by Note Cuisine-Molecular Gastronomy

Time is ripe when your culinary skills will be defined by your high school chemistry performance. Just like playing music


Why you cannot whistle in space?

The space is full of vacuum, or rather it is devoid of it. It is a vastness of nothing. No


Chimera-Two Human Beings in One

How would you react if you discovered you yourself are your twin sibling, you never knew existed? Or that your


About Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer disease is the most common form of dementia which attacks people over the age of 65 and named after


Swallowing Live Fish, Cure to Asthma – A Mystery of Ancient India

Can you brave gulping down a live fish? No, not as an act of dare, but because it is claimed


Earth’s twin Sister Who Turned Bad: Venus

Earth and Venus are called twins because they have so many things in common. Their size, density, gravity and the


Major health benefits of papaya juice

Papaya contains vitamins like A, B, C, K and beta carotene. So a glass of papaya juice in the morning

chemical weapon

The history of Chemical Warfare-The Deadliest Chemical Weapons

In the midst of the worldwide uproar against the recent use of chemical weapon in Damascus, the capital city of


Coral Reefs of Andaman

The coral reef stretches of Andaman and Nicobar Island are one of the 4 major coral reefs regions of India,


Famous cases and treatment of ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’

The easiest example to understand the situation is – you driving somewhere and then wondering how you got there, cannot


Who falls in love, your heart or your brain?

If you have shopped for cards and gifts for your beloved for Valentine’s Day, you would have noticed that they


Will Brain Transplant Mean Memory Transplant As Well?

Brain is the only organ in the human body among few others that makes us who we are, psychologically. Apart


Please save the beautiful Corals

Corals are the most beautiful creation among animal kingdom and an important part of the marine ecosystem. In zoological term


SR9009 – Drug that replicates the effects of exercising

Take a pill, chuck gymming Scientists in Scripps Research Institute, Florida have discovered a unique usage of a generic drug,



What is Bulimia – Nervosa? Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by frequent episodes of binge eating, followed by

Enjoying the sun

Natural sources of estrogen- the major female hormone

Estrogens or oestrogens are the group of compounds synthesized in both male and female body but significantly larger amount in


Quality of life and treatment of patients with vitiligo

As skin is the most large and visible organ of our body, a healthy normal skin is essential for our


Garlic, the nature’s remedy

Garlic is famous in Indian cuisine for its aroma and Indian curries are incomplete without it. This simple ingredient is


Which is better, ghee or butter?

In Southern Asia consumption of both ghee and butter is high and the numbers of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

CORONAVIRUS MERS has emerged as an acute respiratory illness mostly originating from the Arabian Peninsula. Around 50% of the cases


Down Syndrome – A Serious Genetic Disease

Down syndrome is a serious concern in modern era because of our changing lifestyle.  Most of the mothers are now


Bigger Brain or a denser brain: Which has higher intelligence?

When it comes to brain, which one would you prefer, a bigger or a denser one? Human brain has grown


Effects of Maternal age on infant’s health

In recent decades the number of abnormal births have increased . The numbers are significantly more in developed countries where


Lipstick or Lipgloss?

Females cannot think of their make up without adding anything to their lips to make them attractive and beautiful. For

Proceeding in HIV treatment

Now it’s time to change our conventional concept that there is no drug available for treatment of AIDS. On 28th


Type 2 Diabetes: The Next Tsunami!

By Ram Jagannathan Background: The cataclysmic increase in type 2 diabetes has become a major healthcare burden. In 2011, there

Banned Drug

Banned Drug and India’s Stand .

Among the science based industries in India, the pharmaceutical industry tops for wide ranging capabilities in the complex field of

Skinny model

Anorexia – Eating Disorder or Disease?

Anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder is very common for over diet conscious people and especially supermodels. Kirsten Haglund, the winner of Miss


Cultivation in water- Hydroponics

  Do you know about Cultivation in water? The term Hydroponics designates the cultivation of plants in water supplied with


Boredom – The Desire for Desires!

Boredom is something we all have faced some time or the other in life. It is the state of mind


Fugu- The Puffer Fish

How do you know a fish is alarmed ? Tetraodontidae is a fish family which generally puffs up when it


The Human Replies (2nd Part Of The Conversation With The Genome)

Continuation of Part -1 “In the midst of winter, I found there was within me, an invincible summer.” – Albert


The Human Genome Speaks

(A conversation between the human genome and the human being on genetic disorders) “Do not worry if you have built


Fat or lipid?

Our generation is very much aware of their body weight and they try to maintain a proper toned body. In

chirping bird

Pop is out, Birds are in

Did you ever feel joy and an instant sense of wellbeing when you heard a cuckoo sing on a quiet


Female or male ?

What should I say, he or she? During my graduation, I was surprised to see my examiner. He was pretty


Sex Chromosome and Criminality

Have you ever wondered what drives a criminal mind? Or what separates one from the normal? Past theories viewed crime


Extra terrestrial

Yesterday a passenger aircraft flying over Glasgow had a narrow miss with an Unidentified Flying Object, blue and green in


The present and future of Anticancer therapy

A very general question which arises in a scientific mind is – how the treatment works for cancer? The possible


Can we really prevent cancer, what science says?

Till date many people believe that getting cancer is because of one’s fate or bad luck. But scientific research says

10 percent myth

Is your brain sleeping? Probably not!

There are many celebrated myths around the world, which people love to talk about. Myths generally arise when something is


The Central Idea

Sometime back when I was delving deep upon the questions like, who am I? What is my relevance to this


Was Brahmastra an atom bomb?

When Robert Openheimer, the chief scientist working for the Manhattan project, finally tested the experimental atomic bomb meant to put


Medicinal value of the beautiful spice

Chili peppers originated in the Americas but now India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of this hot spice.


My red is my guy’s blue!

Well, I agree the above statement is a bit of an exaggeration. But you surely must have noticed it one


Funny effects of living in space

Living in space and dealing with weightlessness has nothing to do with the awesome stuffs they show in sci-fi movies.


Genghis Khan could be your great great….great grandfather!

Thanks to the super stud Genghis Khan, 1 in 200 men living today in the present time are directly related


Two hearts, one beat

Has this happenned to you before – whereas you and your partner completely enjoyed a rather stupid movie, your friends


Your dog would rather prefer watching an HDTV !

Have you noticed your dog’s new found interest in watching the new HDTV you recently got? Puzzled why he never


Future Scope

In the past we have seen some unimaginable things materialize into reality. Inventions and discoveries changing the very way of


It’s raining bacteria..hallelujah!

Ever danced in the rain? Or collected hailstones? Then you should read this. Apparently, bacteria thrive in rain clouds. Yes


In love with cheese?

Pizza with extra cheese toppings, cheese pasta, bread with cheese stuffing along with a cheesy dip. Mouth-watering isn’t it? I


Cute aggression

Ever felt the urge to squeeze that round, pink and supple cheeks of the cutie pie kid of your neighbour’s?

The pleasure laugh

Are you like laughing laughing or just laughing?

Have you ever laughed so much that your stomach started aching, along with a best buddy of yours on the

sad robot

Did you hurt your robots feeling?

Imagine a robot that will write poems, compose music and make paintings for you. To be more specific, a robot


Are you left-brained or right-brained?

Each left and right side of human brain has different functions. Some people are said to be ‘left-brain dominated’ and


Are we heading towards a dumb future?

Thanks to the unbelievably smart technologies coming up every other day, the common human population is facing lesser and lesser


Lactose Intolerance – A scientific view

Milk is considered a part of every balanced diet, but unfortunately some people are not able to digest milk .This


Bug that can make you a zombie!

The parasite Toxoplasma gondii can enter your body by consumption of infected meat like pork and control your mind. Scared?

Honey bee

Honeybees are becoming extinct, so will apples and carrots!

You might not hear the buzz of a honeybee anymore in the future. Well, neither will you get to eat

neon atom

Nature repeats itself at extremes?

Imagine a structure having one centrally located object with large energy and few similar looking objects revolving around it. Where

hate bath

Skipping bath coz its freezing? Try drybath!!

In the month of December when temperature drops down to a single digit number, this thought invariably crosses almost everyones

mad scientist

The “Blue Man”

Every human is known to have a little bit of madness in them. But the scientists, more so. Mad, intelligent

Water droplets on a wood surface treated with BASF's. 
Credit: nanotechweb

The Lotus Effect

What if your most favourite white dress would clean itself everytime you got out in the rain? What if your


Human brain is apparently tasty!!

In Eastern highland province, Papua New Guinea, a tribe natively known as Fore were known to practice Cannibalism. On the