“I have become toxic”, “I am finished”, said Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt

A single controversial remark has haunted Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt’s reputation and post, in a conference held in Seoul, South


Powerwall- By Tesla motors

  Is the   “Power wall”  by TESLA , the  ultimate solution of power crisis over the globe? Before getting


First Glimpse of Red Munia…

It was a magnificent event of my early birding days. In those days I just started to know about birds.It


Lakkundi: the hidden heritage site in Karnataka

Hampi is famous worldwide as the famed city of Ruins. 2 hours above Hampi are Aihole and the world heritage


Cord Blood Bank

The “cord blood bank” or “umbilical cord blood bank” are – the private or public facilities which collect and store


If it is wrong… then it is wrong; the current political scandal in West Bengal

Until the present, a quite number of chit funds got caught and punished in India. Saradha Scam is one of


Portraits: Chitrangada Singh

Chitrangada Singh is an Indian film actress. She is known for starring in Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi and for her first

balucharee saree

Baluchari Sarees of West Bengal

West Bengal is famous for the several saree varieties- namely the Bishnupuri silks, Tant sarees,  Murshidabadi silks, Baluchari, Swarnacharis sarees and

aror temple

Aror: The ancient capital of Sindh

Aror: The ancient capital of Sindh   Aror was once the capital of the Hindu Rajas of the region of


NUTAN- Portraits

Nutan was born into a Marathi family,   Nutan Samarth  better known as Nutan  daughter of  director-poet Kumarsen Samarth and

The Jewish Synagogue, Kochi (Cochin), Kerala_Edited_0

The Synagogues Of Malabar

The Synagogues Of Malabar The Jews of Malabar controlled much of the spice trade to the Middle East before the


Tiger widows in Sundarban

“They are magnificent, but deadly, rarely seen, hidden in the jungles.” To read this article I would suggest you to


Effects of day care on baby’s mental health

In the past three months my baby was going to the day care and suddenly I found a drastic change


A ‘smelly’ issue

A gamut of more than 100 varieties of spices, has a history that dates back to 5000 years, and is


“Un-Settling Down”

Settling down in a big city with a lucrative job, in your own flat with a terrace garden and a


The story of Sambhar

The story goes as follows. Sambhaji, The Maratha leader was at one point in charge of Tanjavur in present Tamil


The turbulent reign of women in the political arena of India

International women’s day 2014 and Indian general elections 2014  All over the world march 8th – International Women’s Day is

KOTO training

KOTO ‘Know One, Teach One’ – The social enterprise from Vietnam

On a visit to his ancestral home in Vietnam, an Australian-of-Vietnamese origin, Jimmy Pham was shocked to find the poverty


Women to carry pistol for safety in India

Indian Ordnance factory, Kanpur has come up with a .32 bore, lightweight revolver, named Nirbheek or fearless, meant for use


The story of Unicef’s Greeting Cards

In Erstwhile Czechoslovakia, Unicef had a programme to provide drinking milk to school children. Dzitka and her classmates were regular drinkers of


The Water Palace of Tripura – NeerMahal

NEER MAHAL Rudrasagar lake is situated roughly 50 Km outside Agartala near Melaghar with 5.3 square kilometers water area. The


“And Miss UAE is…” The Camel Beauty Pageant of UAE

If you attend the Al Dhafra Festival of Abu Dhabi, which is celebrated every year in the month of December,


Candy Crush Saga-The marijuana of this age

In a typical bus/train, if you happen to observe keenly, 8 out of 10 people will be occupied with their


Spontaneous Human Combustion

In one extremely bizarre case that surfaced in the August of this year, in a remote village in Tamil Nadu,


Masi and Mamas on the verge of extinction-Why single child is now the norm of present day Indian Society?

There was a time when summer vacations used to be all about family gatherings, usually in the grand parent’s house,


How Nelson Mandela became The Madiba?

The torrential rains of Tuesday didn’t deter the ten-thousand plus crowd of common men and world leaders who gathered in


Refilling the Dying Dead Sea

Dead Sea or the sea in which you can float, no matter what your statistics are, has a salinity of


The story of Mangal (MARS)

Photo: Mangal, son of Earth is also the God of wars. Here seen holding a mace, dent, trident and lotus


Arunachal Pradesh in ancient India (Hindu sites of Malinithan,Parashuramkund and Menchukha)

There are several ancient texts in India that mention the region of Arunachal Pradesh. According to the Arunachal Pradesh government


Geographic Variants of Indian Roti

Roti (Bread) is one of the basic staple foods consumed in India. Wheat is the primary and sufficient ingredient that


Call For Pacemaker Recycle!

As thousands of people in poor countries suffer from heart related ailments but cannot possibly afford a pacemaker, they are


Bhai Tika (Yama Dwitiya)

One legend says that when Yama came to meet his sister Yamuna (river), she prepared for him a sumptuous meal


Dove esteem booster

Moisturizing cream with whitening extract. See the difference in complexion or get your money back. The description for possibly EVERY


Naraka Chaturdasi (Choti Diwali): Indian Halloween

Photo1: Narakasura with his army As per legend, Naraka or Narakasura was the son of Bhoodevi (Goddess Earth) and Vishnu’s


NaNoWriMo 2013

There is a writer in each one of us, but we often fail to display our commitment towards achieving our


Will you marry a ghost?

Obviously, the answer will be ‘NO’. But ask a Chinese male/female and the answer might be ‘YES’. Puzzled! You should

virtual girlfriend

After Instant-Noodles, Instant-Love – Why Japanese Men Prefer Virtual-Girlfriends Over Real Ones?

Japan has always been the pioneer in developing spectacularly sophisticated technologies, including e-communication systems and e-games set in virtual worlds

scocial aquaculture

Social Entrepreneurship and Aquaculture

Social Entrepreneurship and Aquaculture “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to


Hyenas treat mental illness in Somaliland

In Somalia, hyenas are believed to be the best cure for mental illness.


The Nipple Tattooist – Vinnie Myers

If 25 years ago, someone would have told Vinnie, that the purpose of his life will be tattooing 3-dimensional nipples


On relationships at a ‘young’ age

India has a very unique culture when it comes to marriages and romantic relationships often considered very peculiar and odd

cannabis coffee house

Cannabis n Coffee in Amsterdam

What would you prefer along with your steaming cup of coffee? Some prefer chocolate chip muffin, some prefer bhajjis, some

Mantokuji temple

The Toilet in the Japanese Temple

There has been debate raging in India after prominent leaders including Jairam Ramesh and Narendra Modi insisted that the country


Swallowing Live Fish, Cure to Asthma – A Mystery of Ancient India

Can you brave gulping down a live fish? No, not as an act of dare, but because it is claimed


Indian Skies: Are they really safe enough…??

Indian civil aviation sector is going to face inspection in a few days from International Civil Aviation Organization and the


International Year of Qunioa 2013

While the South American Potatoes from the Andean mountains have globalised to become the staple of millions over a few


Middle-East Turmoil: Re-emergence of Kurdistan

The region in the Middle East where Turkey’s east, Iraq and Iran’s north and Syria’s north-east converge is a region

chemical weapon

The history of Chemical Warfare-The Deadliest Chemical Weapons

In the midst of the worldwide uproar against the recent use of chemical weapon in Damascus, the capital city of

breast ironing

Breast Ironing, a form of violence against women

Domestic violence, or Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) as it is sometimes called, is a worldwide problem. Cases of violence occur


Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Opts For War!

  It is the greatest irony of the contemporary world that Barack Obama, the winner of Nobel peace prize, is

S banerjee

Kabuliwala’s Bengali Wife, No more

An Bengali author, who wrote a bestselling memoir about life under the Taliban, has been shot by militants in Afghanistan.


Who falls in love, your heart or your brain?

If you have shopped for cards and gifts for your beloved for Valentine’s Day, you would have noticed that they

Google glass

GOOGLE GLASS – Places Where It Should Be Banned

Google Glass, which is somewhere between an eyeglass and a mobile computer, can both record video and surf the Internet,


Social Entrepreneurship with Milk

Social entrepreneurship is essentially a for-profit business solution where the primary profit is linked towards eliminating social problems. The economic aspect

gendre sex

Clothing and Gender Politics

“One is not born a woman, but rather becomes a woman” said Simone de Beauvoir. With the politicians and religious


Please save the beautiful Corals

Corals are the most beautiful creation among animal kingdom and an important part of the marine ecosystem. In zoological term

narendra modi

“MODI”fication Time : Narendra Modi As Next Prime Minister Of India !

In independent India, no politician has been ever hyped in such a relentless manner as Narendra Modi, and no politician


Feeling Blue!

I, an abnormally emotional person find it difficult to write about things that will lift you up on a sad


Procrastination Is Not Laziness

Procrastination is often thought to be a function of laziness, apathy or work ethic. It’s rather a person deviating under the

Image: Flickr

Vicious Circle of Gun Ownership and Violence in South Africa

A seven years old South African girl shot dead her friend, who was six years old, while playing with her



‘Renaissance’ term comes from a French word meaning ‘rebirth’. Associated with the rediscovery of the classical learning of the Greeks

durgasakti nagpal

Anti-Corruption Crusaders

The suspension of Durga Shakti Nagpal in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh for her actions against the sand mining

bottle lamp

Poor man’s Edison – Alfredo Moser

Alfredo Moser is the man who has helped lit the houses of more than 1 million poor people all over

thank you

Thank You …

I had a brief chat with one my friend who is new to me and I always said thank you


The story of The Croissant

The French claim the credits for the Croissant which today is a modern day staple breakfast item in most of


Human Fetus as delicacy

Oh God have mercy on them! I am talking about the people who uses human fetus as delicacy. Fetus cannibalism is

Dance Your PhD Contest

“Dance Your PhD” Contest

Imagine the day of your PhD defence. A hall full of professors, who have the gravest expression on their face,


Musings of the teenage soul- Self Assessment

The only time I pen my words is when they brim up to my neck forcing me to type the


Quality of life and treatment of patients with vitiligo

As skin is the most large and visible organ of our body, a healthy normal skin is essential for our


How about a Hamburger, made in the Lab?

Professor Mark Post and his research group of Maastricht University, Netherlands have grown a hamburger in their lab, which will

embedded system

Embedded System And I

I was cozy and comfortable in my sleep when suddenly I felt something rubbing over me. It woke me up.


Multiple threats to Virunga National Forest- Where nature is at its best

One of the oldest national park in the African continent, it spans over a spectacular 7800 square kilometres in the


Mumbai Taxi: The story of Premier Padminis

Some major cities in the world have their own distinct taxicabs that are intrinsically woven into the fabric of the


The Cause of colour – Nandita Das voices against Fair being Lovely

Gandhi fought against Racism in South Africa a century ago but, little would he have imagined that a revolution has


Have we become too Self-centred?

Last week I picked up a book titled, “The Games Indians play-Why we are the way we are!” by V.Raghunathan.


The Chakma People of India

Some dams lead to natural disasters, some bring income to a nation and some dams destroy an entire communities and


Kolar Gold Mines open for Private Mining

Anyone can dig gold in the Kolar Gold Mines now. After 12 years of shutdown of mining activities, government will


Humanity and Values- A Utopian Concept Now

Switch on the television. Switch on the radio. Log into Facebook. Read newspaper or watch news channel online- it’s everywhere.


Morality of Parenthood

Today it is generally accepted that parents are immensely kind and forgiving towards their children. If everyone treats fellow beings


Even terrorists live in terror!

Do you like stories? Of course yes, for everyone does. So let’s begin with one. Once upon a time (not


Slimy Snail Facial – The Newest Beauty Treatment

A bunch of snails slowly crawling all over your face while living a shiny trail of slimy mucus behind is what


Teach your child right from wrong

“Children aren’t coloring books. You don’t get to fill them with your favorite colors”. –                                                   Khaled Hosseini Little ones

Ready to Eat Meal

Few things that changed our lives

Some things have totally changed our lives over the past decade, and how! For good or for bad, our day


‘LOVE’- What it is and What it is not!

I was running through a park one afternoon to avoid the down pour that had begun all of a sudden.

Amelia Earhart

The biggest unsolved mystery of its time-Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance

Did Amelia Earhart crash into the Pacific Ocean and die? Or did she deliberately vanish to live a different life


Food Blogging – The Latest in Blogging

Blogs, since its rise in 2002 have steadily been developing and have become a source of information on any subject.


The “Chinese” Eiffel Tower- Architectural replica!

The other day a friend who visited Paris on a business tour got me back a mini Eiffel Tower as


Surprising facts about what makes people Happy!

Professor Ruut Veenhoven, Director of the World Happiness Database and Emeritus professor of social conditions for human happiness at the

Tragic bollywood movies

And they lived happily ever after- why we crave for happy endings in our movies?

While I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the movie, the second half of the latest movie Aashiqui 2, made


Stupidity- The innate human nature

Ever tried to push a door which had “pull” written in capital letter on it? Or tried to touch your


Type 2 Diabetes: The Next Tsunami!

By Ram Jagannathan Background: The cataclysmic increase in type 2 diabetes has become a major healthcare burden. In 2011, there


Sati, Parvati and Durga

God – who created the universe in all of its magnitude and who is capable, approachable and forgiving. God is


Political Traitors- Advani, Snowden and Veebhishana

“Ghar ka bhedi Lanka dhay”- A traitor can destroy a powerful country This old saying in Hindi refers to Veebhishana,

chilli and lemon

Superstitious way of Indians!

Along with the rational side, there runs a parallel side in every Indian, the superstitious one…

Banned Drug

Banned Drug and India’s Stand .

Among the science based industries in India, the pharmaceutical industry tops for wide ranging capabilities in the complex field of

daily shop

Control And Regulation of TV in India – Is it just? (Part 2)

Click here for the first Part Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms being one of the biggest production houses in the broadcast


Control And Regulation of TV in India – Is it just?

  The growing need for information and entertainment has given the Broadcast medium a whole new level. Since the past


India’s increasing newspaper readership – better than world’s!

While in the West, newspaper industry has seen an overall decline in sale, India’s has grown in size. Here is why


End of Telegram era in India

It was the fastest way of communication back then. More commonly known as taar in hindi, telegram services were the