If it is wrong… then it is wrong; the current political scandal in West Bengal

Until the present, a quite number of chit funds got caught and punished in India. Saradha Scam is one of


The turbulent reign of women in the political arena of India

International women’s day 2014 and Indian general elections 2014  All over the world march 8th – International Women’s Day is


Middle-East Turmoil: Re-emergence of Kurdistan

The region in the Middle East where Turkey’s east, Iraq and Iran’s north and Syria’s north-east converge is a region

narendra modi

“MODI”fication Time : Narendra Modi As Next Prime Minister Of India !

In independent India, no politician has been ever hyped in such a relentless manner as Narendra Modi, and no politician


Kolar Gold Mines open for Private Mining

Anyone can dig gold in the Kolar Gold Mines now. After 12 years of shutdown of mining activities, government will


Yet Another Scam – The Saradha Scam

Saradha chit fund scam has once again put Mamata Banerjee led Trinamul congress into another bizarre situation. A 16 page letter


Singh was King

(Disclaimer: This article attempts at a comparison of the two great Sikhs of India and the similarities that they share


One woman Army — Mamata Banerjee

One woman army – this is how Mamata Banerjee, the mercurial Chief Minister of West Bengal, can be described.Mamata Banerjee

Kamal Hassan Viswaroopam Movie Wallpapers

Self Exile

Who doesn’t love his country? Who doesn’t love his soil? Just think of how tough it would be even thinking


Politics of Award

The recent controversy on the refusal of the Padma Bhushan award by renowned southern play back singer S Janaki has


Shaming India

Politicians can go to any low when it comes to vote bank. The recent shameful example is Congress general secretary


Be The Change

It’s quite common for celebrities to address social issues and show solidarity on issues of corruption but perhaps the reality


Double Standard Laws

The political climate is looming around and the seasonal politicians are at best to garner their ambitions.People flock in huge