Fairness Creams: From laboratory to the Market

The idea of fairness creams has emerged from the worldwide preference (mainly in South Asia) for fair skin. White skin


“Mine Kafon”- Life saving design

MINE KAFON In countries with war-ravaged pasts such as Cambodia, those with on-going military operations such as Afghanistan and in

online presence

Online Cyber Space Presence – Tips

 Vast sea of real people exist in virtual world. Everyone is welcome, but who to be trust is one thing which stuns

gaming evolution

Gaming World – To the Core…

When colour dot started capturing market, one game was the epic in that era that catapult the gaming industry was

intrnet beginning

The Inception – Internet

Internet today as we know was transformed into ARPANET. Very basic network switching was the technology involved in it which later moved to include packet satellite

Digital PhotoGraphy !!

Digital Photography – The Evolution..

Digital photography is here to stay. In its early days, purists questioned whether this was the real thing and were

thermal protective for infants

Social Entrepreneurship to reduce Infant Mortality

More than 10 million low weight and premature children are born each year. They are prone to develop hypothermia a


“Green” Feeding Approach for Silkworms to produce naturally coloured silk

Textile industry has always been a significant part of human civilizations for as long as the recorded history goes back.

Image Courtesy: Gizmag

Tech Talk of the week

Luna ring Japanese have always been the pioneer of technology and have given the world some of the best innovations.


Simple but game changing Innovations

Go Green In Shower You would wonder how your daily morning ablutions could possibly be harmful to the environment. But


Tal Golesworthy mends his malfunctioning heart!

A Boiler Engineer by profession, innovation and problem solving is what he has done from very early on, in his


Invisibility Cloak – A myth Or Reality?

When Harry and his friends goes right past the inescapable glare of Professor Snape, safely without causing much of a


Elon Musks’s Tesla Model S is the new “green thing”

Elon Musk is always known for his futuristic and rather eccentric ideas. But the new Tesla Model S Electric car

Sony_ α7 series_camera

Sony’s new α7 series – Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera, Compact than Ever

Sony’s α7 series, due to be released in December, 2013, will be the new full frame mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras with size and features that none other have achieved.

nokia n95


Nokia which one used to be a Tech giant needs no introduction. Regardless of the present situation after its mobile


Bionic leg controlled by thoughts

A few years ago Zac Vawter had an accident when he was driving his motorcycle that cost him his right


Are you a Playstation 4 or Xbox One guy?

    In the last years, game consoles have become something more than just a machine that allows you to


Google Loon

Yet another loony idea from Google. After the Spy-fi Google glass, they have come up with the new idea of


Will Brain Transplant Mean Memory Transplant As Well?

Brain is the only organ in the human body among few others that makes us who we are, psychologically. Apart

Google glass

GOOGLE GLASS – Places Where It Should Be Banned

Google Glass, which is somewhere between an eyeglass and a mobile computer, can both record video and surf the Internet,


Nexus 7, better than ever

    As you might now, Google has it’s own “official” line of products running Android under the Nexus brand.


SR9009 – Drug that replicates the effects of exercising

Take a pill, chuck gymming Scientists in Scripps Research Institute, Florida have discovered a unique usage of a generic drug,

hyperloop-supersonic transport system_conceptual design, Image Source: Tesla Motors

Hyperloop – Travelling at sonic speed

How about a transportation system that runs at a speed equivalent to that of sound, which never crashes, is cheaper

bottle lamp

Poor man’s Edison – Alfredo Moser

Alfredo Moser is the man who has helped lit the houses of more than 1 million poor people all over

Courtesy: Sony

Sony’s newest technology: Magnetic Fluid Speakers

The new HDTV and home theater range from Sony will have a unique new technology in their sound systems called


Hot Watch-Another New Wearable Technology

Your watch vibrates to let you know that you are getting a call. You simply raise your hand to your

Dance Your PhD Contest

“Dance Your PhD” Contest

Imagine the day of your PhD defence. A hall full of professors, who have the gravest expression on their face,


How about a Hamburger, made in the Lab?

Professor Mark Post and his research group of Maastricht University, Netherlands have grown a hamburger in their lab, which will

embedded system

Embedded System And I

I was cozy and comfortable in my sleep when suddenly I felt something rubbing over me. It woke me up.

ramesh Raskar

Ramesh Raskar behind femto camera that can film light in motion – Making India Proud!

Ramesh Raskar, a science graduate from the Government Engineering College, Pune and now a distinguished Professor and scientist in MIT’s


Using DNA to store mankind’s knowledge

What if a few milligrams of DNA replaced your bulky hard drives to store your data? The scientists have proved

Sinful chocolate

Chocolate And Rheology

You are holding a piece of chocolate. You rub it a little between your fingers to make it warm and


Chronology of time and The Optical lattice Atomic Clock-The Next Generation timekeepers

In the past, for centuries, our ancestors had measured time with sun and the earth as reference. Gazing at the


SETI – Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Superman originally came from the planet Krypton, rocketed to earth by his Kryptonian father just before its destruction, so did


Electronic tattoo- Motorola’s next generation venture

Reality is sure catching up with imagination. How do you feel about a tattoo on your body that will act


Asteroid Mining: AVATAR happening!

The millions of asteroids floating around the universe are soon going to become the site for the next industrial revolution.

Free software

Saga of Free Software

Due to a few benevolent hackers, the concept of free software went viral in Internet. Thus helping millions of users


Ultrarope-Stronger than Steel

A Finnish elevator manufacturer, Kone, has made a rope called Ultrarope which they claim to be twice more stronger and


Cyber Terrorism – A Serious And Dangerous Threat

Cyber-Terrorism, though not heard of in not that long time ago, is a very real and potent threat in today’s


SPAUN – The Largest Artificial Intelligence Brain Model

Do you still think Artificial Intelligence is science fiction? Well, recently researchers created an artificial brain named SPAUN, composing of

free games 2

Inception Of Free Gaming

Different models for free games are available now in comparison to what was available in early 2000’s. If one recalls,


Basics of Data Encryption- Cryptography in Layman Terms

Cryptography can be delineated as the science of scrambling information where the main intention is to hide data in such

IPAD free software

Top Free Ipad apps

If someone refers you to use either apple iphone apps or iPod apps, I am sure you will be in


Small computers conquering the world.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away… computers used to be very big and very expensive. Because of

Lie detector test

Liar Liar! – Fooling Polygraphic Test

If you have applied for a job in the US or you face a criminal charge, you are most likely


3D without glasses – Lenticular Printing

Are you too in love with 3D movies but hate wearing those uncomfy glasses? Think how fun it would be


Patterns of Cyber Crime – Part 2.

Email spamming Generally email bombing is send by an user sending huge volume of email to a target user resulting


Patterns of Cyber Crime .

For data warehousing and financial institutions, the major concern lies in securing their data. Irrespective of all the security measures

pc secure

Armour for your PC

A software is a collection of programs that helps in doing a specific task. Hackers can easily lure the PC


Telepresence Robots-Your robotic self!

How about sending your robotic self to office to attend meetings, give presentations and even have the friendly chat with

mobile phone evolution

Evolution of Cell Phone

The one technology that invaded human life and became its elan vital is the cell phone. It started as a

Intel SSD

How to give life to an old computer?

I bought my computer, a desktop system 5 years ago (Intel Q6600, 2 Gb ram, Nvidia 8600). After a few


Redefining Small The IBM Way

12 Atoms. That’s all it took to store a bit of memory for the IBM’s research team, who have achieved


In Vitro Fertilization- An ancient technology

The science of fertilizing a human egg by sperm outside the body was witnessed by the world with the birth

Google glass

Through the Looking Glass

Seeing through the “Google Glass”, Google’s newest innovation is in no way any lesser an experience than Alice’s adventure in

4d printing

4D Printing: Building inherently smart objects

When the world is still striving to understand the concept of 3D printing, an MIT professor and computer scientist Skylar

fruit ninja

Must have Android games

As hardware of mobile is being upgraded at a pace greater than the growth of hair on our head ,


Why is the youth so crazy for super-bikes?

Today’s youth is just crazy for motorbikes with big and powerful engines. If the market is happy today with a


hype and hoopla: samsung galaxy s4

Mobile phones have revolutionised the median of connection between people. It all started with the advent of Nokia and liberalization


Android vs apple

Apple has been flag bearer in innovative products which caught the imagination of millions. on the other hand, though android

Android Vs Apple

Apple app Vs Android app

I had the luck of embracing apple and android platform at the same time, though on different devices. Both has


Your dog would rather prefer watching an HDTV !

Have you noticed your dog’s new found interest in watching the new HDTV you recently got? Puzzled why he never


Future Scope

In the past we have seen some unimaginable things materialize into reality. Inventions and discoveries changing the very way of

10 techniques for better photography

Top Ten Techniques For Better Pictures

1. Move close to your subject: Whether it is The Taj Mahal or your little daughter, get close enough so

sad robot

Did you hurt your robots feeling?

Imagine a robot that will write poems, compose music and make paintings for you. To be more specific, a robot


Ancient architecture is smart architecture

Why do you think hawa mahal is called so? Built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, the building is

Water droplets on a wood surface treated with BASF's. 
Credit: nanotechweb

The Lotus Effect

What if your most favourite white dress would clean itself everytime you got out in the rain? What if your