Digital Photography – The Evolution..


Digital PhotoGraphy !!Digital photography is here to stay. In its early days, purists questioned whether this was the real thing and were even ready to write it off. But relentless development and evolution has meant that digital cameras have become household gadgets that everyone feels is a must-have.

Digital cameras and photography did come at a price, though. While they cut down on recurring costs, they also necessitated the presence of a computer at your premise adding to the investment. But the argument that almost every home would anyways have a computer has helped speed up the popularity of these gadgets.

Digital cameras have gone through their evolution cycle and have had their technological ups and downs. The industry has now more or less settled on the base technology and the entry-level specifications. While this process has taken a good decade, it has still been much faster that the two centuries it took for conventional photography to reach a benchmark. Digital photography brings with it various advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are in the form of speed, quality and ease of use while the disadvantages are in the form of lack of reliability and high initial investment. But these disadvantages are slowly being relegated to the ‘perceived’ category rather than the actual ones. It is therefore natural that almost all of us would like to make use of the advantages.

It is an interesting fact therefore, that a large number of Indians own a digital camera but not too many are aware of its capabilities or the possibilities that digital imaging offers.

The Future Of Photography Is Here where to go for the most basic of information regarding digital photography and its possibilities. But digital photography is more than just shooting or transferring. Digital imaging encompasses image manipulation and is fast being recognised as a new age means of expression. At the end of the day, it’s the same as with any art form—what you can do is limited only by your dedication or your imagination.

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