Easy purim costume ideas for adults


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Jerusalem, israel on the 14th of the hebrew month of adar, israel celebrates the festival of purim, a holiday that s been observed for at least 2,400 years.

Easy purim costume ideas for adults

Purim celebrates the story of esther.

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All proceeds from purim off ponce support the important education and training at the heart of sojourn.

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Besides the delicious purim treats, which includes gourmet chocolate truffles, roasted nuts, and chocolate coated pretzels, you also get a netilas yadayim set washing cup and embroidered towel .

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As for this photo, well, two years ago preparations for purim were easier than usual as my daughter wore a store bought dress from a neighbor gasp.

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the story of purim is not limited to sources that the rest of the world has arrogated to itself.

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