Effects of day care on baby’s mental health


In the past three months my baby was going to the day care and suddenly I found a drastic change in his daily behavioral pattern. He was becoming very aggressive and temper tantrums those I did not find earlier. I have checked all the studies associated with day care (specific to my situation) and below are what I found.


NICHD – National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, performed an experiment to see the effect of different care taken procedures in babys mental health and social behavior in early stage of their life. In this study they have counted all the probable factors including day care centres both low and high quality care, nannys and parental care in home.

The result of NICHD Study (1991) says, the more day care the child had, the more aggressive they were (including lying, swearing, hitting). Quality of day care didn’t affect this result. The conclusion of this study says that day care isn’t good for children, especially if they aren’t being looked after on one-to-one basis.

Leech (1994) found that children who were looked after by their parents do significantly better developmentally than those cared for in nurseries.

Violata and Russell in 1994 reviewed the findings of earlier studies and concluded that regular day care for more than 30 hours in a week had a negative effect on socio-emotional development, behavior and attachment of young children.

Some of the studies have shown that day care has both positive and negative effects on the children’s behavior. Day care has good effects on cognitive behavior and learning process, the skills for different languages and so they seem to be comparatively smarter but at the same time slightly more aggressive too.

Now in our modern lifestyle where both of the parents are working, what would be the probable solution to save our children from these extra pressures in early stage of their life?

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