Funny effects of living in space


Living in space and dealing with weightlessness has nothing to do with Astronautthe awesome stuffs they show in sci-fi movies. That is when the astronauts really miss the so-taken-for-granted pull of earth. If you thought being an astronaut was the coolest thing, you must read the funny side effects the astronauts suffer from in space and even after returning to the secured pull of earth’s atmosphere:

1. In space, astronauts have difficulty telling which way is “up” and “down” and sometimes get the feeling that they are standing up-side-down. That’s because in the absence of gravity, the inner ear gets confused, and sends wrong signals to brain. So, they have to depend solely on their vision to decide which way is up and which down. As a result, when they come back to earth, this confusion remains for some time, and they may fall over if they close their eyes.
2. With the lack of sense of up and down, the astronauts also often have difficulty locating their own arms and legs, even for some time when they are back.
3. In space, weightlessness can sometimes prove to be a luxury. Like, you can keep objects floating in the air. Back on earth, sometimes the astronauts let go of cups or other objects in mid-air and only realize a moment later to their greatest disappointment, when it crashes on the floor, that they are no more in the zero-gravity zone.
4. In the absence of gravity, the spinal cord expands, and an astronaut grows taller than before.
5. Some astronauts have reported that after the space mission, their taste of food have changed completely. Their favourite food no longer seems to be as tempting as before and have altogether a new favourite dish.

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  1. Smita says:

    ha ha ha….really funny effects. loved the 4th point. i guess, would love to be there just to experience that. ;)

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