Gaming World – To the Core…


gaming evolutionWhen colour dot started capturing market, one game was the epic in that era that catapult the gaming industry was “PACMAN. This colour dots had to be gobbled! That was in the late 80’s.

Gaming industry has grown 10th fold today. People are attached to their games with passion. Gaming today requires high end graphics card, hardware that supports the complex mathematical rendering to bring forth the images, story telling that encapsulate the gamers ….I Doubt any gamer would settle anything less than this!!

Gaming patches including the new levels needs to be released periodically to keep the fervent alive with the gamers… yes, gaming has become a lot complicated than the simple PacMan era. As requirements and specs for games burgeon, so does the playing experience. Still not everyone is interested in resource hungry games, section of crowd do exist which is more inclined in killing time. Evidently, different game plays exist in the market to cater the need of all such genre: sports games, arcade games, FPS, MMORPGs, online games and Flash games that are easy to play.

University mainframes was mainly used for gaming in the earlier days which were developed by students as part of project curriculum. A number of games were developed in the ’60s by students, and development in games led to a number of other inventions. One of the noteworthy outcome of the gaming development was the origination of the UNIX operating system, partly developed by Ken Thompson, whose primary objective was to play game called space and travel.

Modern day innovation can also be credited to the gaming industry. Some of such enhancement where development of high quality sound cards, graphics cards which were later improvised to use for daily use. These were later improved for music and audiophiles. Similarly, the graphics cards and 3D accelerators were developed for GUIs (Graphic User Interface) and games.

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