Gorgeous Gorumara


Located on the flood plains of  river Murti and Jaldhaka in North Bengal, the Gorumara National Park offers a large variety of flora and fauna. The grassland of Gorumara is famous for Asiatic one-horned rhino. In view of its great diversity of plants and animals it was declared a National Park in 1994 comprising a total area of 80 sq. km.


The forest area has come up as a tourist destination during the last decade. Gorumara can be reached from Bagdogra / New Jalpaiguri  in just two hours through winding roads and tea gardens.
Most common animals in the area are one horned Indian rhino, Elephant, Indian Bison (commonly known as Gaur), Leopards (locally known as Chitabagh), Rock Python, Malayan Giant Squirrel and deer. Visitors need to obtain a special permission to enter into the core area of the park. The Gorumara national park has approximately 48 species of carnivores and herbivores, 193 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles, 7 species of turtles, 27 species of fishes and other macro and micro fauna.


The famous Indian Bison:
Major bird species seen in Gorumara include Minivets, Pheasants, Hornbills, Woodpeckers, Cuckoos, and cormorants, Orioles, Pigeons and Mynas. During the winter months, migratory birds including the Brahminy duck, Ibis, teals, Stork and other varieties can also be seen here. Other birds include Corporant, Indian Shag, Darter, Egrets, Lesser Adjutant Stork and Lapwing. The night hunters in Gorumara are the Owls and the Nightjars.

The forest safari is organised in special vehicles meant for the purpose. You must book your forest safari from the forest department and take an authorised guide along while visiting the watchtowers. Trespassing is illegal and can be dangerous as well.

There is a plethora of options for accommodation around Gorumara both private and government.
local cultural programs are really memorable part of your trip.

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