Jack & Jill go to a Disco


Jack and Jill are two friends who one fine day visit a disco for the first time. Now, Jack and Jill although true friends, have a discocompletely different outlook on certain aspects, and the disco was one of them. Here is an account of their experience that night:
On Lights:

  1. Wow, even the lights are dancing, seems like the whole world is swaying along with the music.
  2. The dancing lights are making my moves look better than they actually are.


  1. If I look at these dancing lights for long, either I will be hypnotized or I will have a brain-ear-disorientation (feel nausea).
  2. Wonder what algorithm they have used to sync the stroboscopes (Disco lights with electronic controllers) with the music.
  3. What is the point of moving at all during the off-beats when the lights are off; I will only move during the on-beats when the lights are on, like a robot. I will save energy and it will still look like I am dancing continuously.

On Music:
The DJ has so intelligently mixed all the like-rhythm songs together, making it more enjoyable and people more energetic.
The decibel level of the music is so high that it is on the verge of only-dogs-can-hear zone.

On Air:
The smoke in the air is making the path of the lights visible. Awesome.
My lungs are starting to feel like a pair of distressed water lilies, I wonder what is the oxygen level inside the room.

On Dancing:

  1. Today I will dance my heart out, like no one is watching me.
  2. Wow, it feels like my body is moving on its own, flowing freely with the music
  3. It is so much fun dancing with friends and doing all these awesome moves, I wish the music never stops and the whole world sees me dancing.


  1. If I am doing 1 step for 10 seconds, in a song which is on an average 3 minutes long, I will have to do 18 steps, if I am not repeating them. So for the whole night, in which I will be dancing on almost 40 songs, I must do 720 distinct steps. Oh God, I will be running short of steps very soon, I know only 10 steps.
  2. Now that I am out of steps, I can imitate my movements during daily activities like washing clothes, making chapatis. They will look like dance steps. Wow, this is a brilliant idea and it’s working.
  3. Good that the lights are off, no one can see me or take my photos doing these funny moves so as to blackmail me later.

On Socializing:

  1. There are so many people in here today; I can make so many friends.
  2. The girl I danced with, seemed impressed by my dancing abilities, she asked my name.


  1. The chances are almost nil that I can make friends here, because:
  2. People are so drunk and it is so dark in here that, my acquaintances will hardly remember my face after the night.
  3. I cannot impress anyone through talking, as I will have to shout to make myself audible and I do not exactly hope to impress a girl with my funny chapatti-making moves.

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