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“Congrats buddy you got married, finally you made the biggest mistake of your life!”, said a guest of my friend’s, in his post laughing out loudwedding party, infront of his new bride and other friends, making it a little awkward for everyone around. The groom was apologetically looking at the not-so-smiling wife and there was a strained silence all around. But then came the magic word. “LOL!”, said that same guest, to the relief of the newly wedded and those standing around them. The silence was broken and everybody actually burst out laughing.

Such is the power of this three letter word. It is like a protective cover when you are being candid. You can say anything to your heart’s desire and then drop in the word, and never bother a trifle about offending anybody. It will effortlessly bring back the smile in everyone’s face and all animosity will be forgotten.

LOL or laughing out loud is said when you find something funny. It can also mean that you were just joking with an added emphasis or that you were just pulling the other persons leg or teasing him/her. When used in conversation with an elderly person, you will see a blank face as they are mostly stranger to this word. Your’s truly had looked up the meaning of lol in the dictionary when I came across the word for the first time and had found nothing of the sort in it. Realizing that it could be an abbreviation, I had given my own personalized meaning to it, I had actually thought lol meant “love of life”, but it obviously never fitted the context.

Although it started mainly as internet slang, it is fast catching up in face to face communication. LOL has some other variations also in use, like ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) and LMAO (laughing my ass off), first one being the most common in use. Off course the older versions of the acronym like, lots of love and lots of luck have been long forgotten. Alternatively, it can also be written as lolz or lolololol, the former means the same as lol and the latter is used to express added emphasis, meaning cannot stop laughing out loud.

But these days the word has been used so often by everyone that it has become sort of a habit. People say lol even when nothing is funny. Like,

A: “How was your day today?”
B: “LOL! Good.”

Or, Sometimes it is also used when there is nothing else to say. For example,

A: “The weather is so fine outside”
B: “LOL!”

Imagine a future when this magic word becomes so famous that it finds its place in official documents, like on the note (paper currency), “The Governor promises to pay the bearer 100 rupees, LOL!”, or on your degree certificate, “This is to certify that Miss X has obtained Grade A in her Higher Secondary examinations, LOL!”. And finally in our President’s speech addressed to nation, “India is saying no to the nuclear race and corruption, LOL!”.

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  1. Smita Nandi says:

    “LOL” – I guess the article deserved a BIG one. ;)
    A very well written article. Thoroughly enjoyed. :)

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