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Lava is a small hamlet situated 34 kilometers east of the town of Kalimpong via Algarah in Darjeeling district of the state of West Bengal, India. Lava is situated at an altitude of 7,016 feet (2,138 m). It is one of the few places in West Bengal to receive snow in winter. It is the entry point to the Neora Valley National Park from Kalimpong. The route to Lava is scenic with the change in vegetation from tropical deciduous to the wet alpine trees of fir, pine and birch. The idyllic verdant forests are an ideal spot for picnicking, trekking and bird-watching and other peripatetic activities.

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The road is untouched by modern life and its inhabitants are still living as they have for centuries.Wild animals such as the Himalayan Black Bear and barking deer are found in profusion in these parts. A Buddhist monastery is present on one of the hills of Lava.


Loleygaon (in local dialect, means a happy village) is a small tiny village, located in the kalimpong Sub Division of Darjeeling District and one of the most beautiful place in the Darjeeling village tourism.  In Loleygaon, you can indulge in many interesting activities, like simple jungle walks, since jungles have lot hidden treasures in them. The sunrise point Jhanidara, is about 4 km from Loleygaon and you’ll be greeted with the majestic view of sunrise of Mt Kanchenjunga.

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The most beautiful attraction of Loleygaon is the canopy walk — it is a dense forest with a walking trail and part of the trees have been joined together to form a 75 meter long canopy. It is a lovely walk through the forests – the chirping birds, buzzing insects and fleeting butterflies, the shades of dark and light as the sun barely made its way thru the dense forests and above all the smell of the jungle — all will add an aroma to your entire trip and the revelations are slow and full of surprises, the idea behind a walk maybe to simply explore a trail, or maybe to get a feel of the jungle. or to climb on top of the cliff you have been eying for long days.

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