Have you ever felt what a bird feels like when it tries to jump from the top of a building and fly to the ground?Then I have an advice for all the readers- once you go to the rooftop of your house and walk to the corner and look down and enjoy the surrounding landscape and scenery. Try to bend a little downward and you will feel the fright of jumping from that height…

 I am now one year old. My life history is not so good. I had to suffer a lot of pain from the day I came out of the egg. When I opened my eyes for the first time, I had to see dreadful scenery from the shell. A beautiful and gorgeous Heron was caught in a net and was killed by a human. She had black eyes and white wings with ash colour on her back. When I came out of the shell, I saw that myother brothers and sisters were crushed; only I was able to survive and was thus left alone. There was no one to help me. I don’t know if a human would ever be able to live in that manner, but it was almost impossible for a bird to be able to survive the harsh nature without his mother. Yes, that Heron was my dear“mother.” Maybe this is the reason why I always lacked self-confidence. When I was small, I had no feathers. So I had to stay in the hole of a tree or under some fallen leaves due to the cold weather. I had to eat whatever fruits were there because I could not catch insects.

I grew up in this manner. Other birds such as sparrows, swallows, eagle used to laugh at me and tell, “He is such a  coward and an idiot”. This pond heron was really embarrassing. I used to cry by myself but there was no one to feel my pain and  sorrow. When I grew a little  bit I tried to fly. I practiced flying– once from the tree branches sometimes from the rocks. I developed my skill of  flying by managing my wings and tails. One day I flied to the top of one house. I sat there for a while and looked  down, trying to measure the distance from the ground. It was about three storied high rise building. I knew that I  could not survive only on fruits, so I have to catch insects and fish and therefore I have to fly. After a lot of hesitation, I  jumped to a telephone wire. I slowly stepped one foot out and finally came to the open street drain where I could  probably get some fish and insects. It was my first flight from such a great height. I was very happy that day. I got my confidence back. Now, no one makes fun of me. I have grown up and now I am called a “Pond Heron”.

by  Bipasa Banerjee-


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