Mirror, Mirror, Who Is The Evil Of Them All?


An after dinner party, a round table gossip, the weekend thrill and hot ginger tea, and guess what we ended up discussing, the most evil man who has ever lived in the history of earth. Here is an insight into our late night discussion with the most evil (according to us) appearing in the end:

Ivan The Terrible:Ivan_The_Terrible

The prince of Moscow, Ivan IV Vasilyevich or Ivan IV The Terrible, ruled Russia as the first Tsar for 37 long years. He was intellectual and a devout ruler but from what history suggests; he was also prone to rage attacks and suffered from mental illness. From childhood, he used to take immense pleasure in torturing and killing animals. He would throw cats and dogs from the roof of the building and see them die. Killing people amused him. He made thousands of innocent people homeless and ordered them to be beheaded, strangled, hanged, blinded, burned, stabbed, boiled, disemboweled, eaten by animals, buried alive, impaled and even fried. He blinded his architect and boiled his treasurer. Ivan killed one of his wives a day after their marriage. He even killed his favorite son in a rage. Ivan was poisoned to death by one of his friends.


Joseph Stalin:

00733518.jpgHe was already a murderer when he was 20 years of age. And in his 30 years of dictatorship in Soviet Union, he killed a total of 60 million people out of paranoia and utter ruthlessness. If he suspected people of even talking against him, which he often did, he ordered them to be killed. He was once heard saying, “One man killed is a tragedy, a million people killed is statistics”. Any intelligent and popular man had no place in Stalin’s dictatorship, he would order them killed. He also killed the wives of some of his friends. Even his own family members were not spared. He sent his daughter’s boyfriend to exile and tortured his wife so, that she took her own life.



Vlad Dracula:

The myth of the Draculas, the vampire men, who kill others to drink their blood, originated from Vlad Dracula, Dracula vlad_Draculameaning little evil. He was also known as Vlad the Impaler, because his favourite way of killing people was impaling them. The victim’s leg was tied to horses and an oiled but blunt stake was gradually forced into the body up from the buttocks. The victims died slowly until the stake impaled through the body and came out of the mouth. Care was taken not to make the stake too sharp, as it would kill the person instantly. The slow death and the anguish of others was what excited Vlad. An entire city of 20,000 people was once killed through impalement and it became a horrific scene of death and torture where people were afraid to go for years. He sometimes liked cutting off people’s nose, ears and private organs and keep them with himself. He roasted the children and forced their parents to eat them, he even killed his own wife. He liked to eat and drink at the site of many dead and naked people. His own death came when a victim of his tortures decapitated him.

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