Online Cyber Space Presence – Tips


online presence Vast sea of real people exist in virtual world. Everyone is welcome, but who to be trust is one thing which stuns everyone. “Sheep in wolf’s clothing/devils advocate” holds true more often than not here. Key to creating a online image contrary to the wolf clothing is by having a honest portrayal of who you are .

Arrival in cyberspace can be done via many medium: e-mail, Instant Messenger IDs, your own Web site or blog, or by becoming part of a community or forum that matches your interests.

The challenge in becoming a part of the community that one is interested in, which is like finding needle in the hay stack, and making your presence felt in the same community. Treat it like a new college you’ve just taken admission into. Naturally you are apprehensive because you don’t know anybody. You don’t know where to go… but you walk around and familiarize yourself with your surroundings and the campus.

Communication in internet has net-etiquette which when followed can work wonders for a individual. These ‘netiquettes’ can be followed whether you are writing an e-mail message, participating in a chat session, or posting a message on a thread.

Avoid typing the entire message in CAPS. Typing in all caps is considered yelling or screaming online. Those who type in all caps are perceived as lazy and not being considerate of those who will have to read their email. Various studies on the topic reflect that it takes longer to read when message is written in all caps.

Never leave the ‘Subject’ field blank. Fill it in with a cogent description of the content of your e-mail. This is very important in helping the email and mails recipient, bolstering them to organize and manage their e-mail. Avoid using all caps / all small case/ ‘Hi’, ‘Help’ or/ ‘Please Respond’, or the recipient’s name in the subject field, as this may lead to the recipient with a negative impression resulting in immediate deletion or marking as spam.

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