Did you know owls are romantic?


Square faced, big eyes, sharp beak, a very serious face and infallible hunting skills. No wonder people somehow associate this owlnocturnal creature with evil and bad luck. They are known as sorcerer’s birds, which act as messengers for witches and wizards.

Although certainly intriguing, owls are one of the most beautiful and lovable creatures. The numerous taboos surrounding owls are because of its mysterious ways and are nothing but myths.

Stacey O’Brien, a biologist and the author of the book “Wesley the Owl” had the luck to tame a wild barn owl. Wesley, as she named him, was adopted by Stacey, when this infant and injured orphan was brought to the animal rehabilitation centre. This incredible, lifetime company of the wild owl taught her many things unknown about this bird.

Owls are strikingly beautiful creatures. Although a fully grown up owl weighs not more than a kilogram, there total wing span can be as much as 4 feet across. Their feathers are mostly of the colour golden and white and their face is heart shaped. If living within a close proximity with humans, they can become emotionally attached to them. Scientists working with the owls are used to being cuddled and kissed (which is more like nose to beak touches) by them. But they can be very sensitive too.

Stacey writes, once when newly learning how to fly and getting used to his awkwardly large wings for an apartment, Wesley skidded across the dining table and fell on the floor. Very embarrassed by his poor performance at flying, with Stacey and her roommate there to witness this, Wesley was very hurt and thus refused to look at her and didn’t cuddle to her for days.

This emotional behaviour is not unusual for owls. Owls mate for life. If somehow, they lose their partner, they don’t mate again in life. In their profound grief, they sit staring at the tree in depression until they die. They can feel very deeply and are very devoted to their mates.

Unbelievable isn’t it? So next time you are thinking of having a pet, how about a wild golden owl? But remember, it will be a companionship of a lifetime.

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