Prawns , body cholesterol and health


One can enjoy prawns as a sumptuous delicacy irrespective of whatever the recipe is; on and above, it helps in lowering the bad cholesterol level. Prawns and shrimps are similar in their feeding habits, body building and therefore in their nutritional values. Generally all shellfishes are low in calories and carbohydrate and so prawns are also not an exception.Additionally, they are high in protein and omega-3 fatty acid contents which are good for health.Saturated fat and dietary cholesterol are known as “bad fats” as they cause atherosclerotic heart disease (the condition which leads to blockage of the arteries due to fat deposition).Prawn

Though Prawns are very significant in cholesterol content, one should not avoid prawns, rather you can cut down the other cholesterol containing items from your daily diet. A serving of 3 ounce (84 grams) of boiled prawn provides approximately 100 mg of omega -3-fatty acids. Omega -3 fatty acids are unsaturated fats that help in reducing the blood triglyceride (triglycerides are a significant contributor of atherosclerotic heart disease). Prawns are also a very good source of proteins, minerals like zinc and vitamin-E.

Prawns are included significantly in the list of cholesterol reducing foods though it contains cholesterol. The science behind this favouritism is like this—

The cholesterol that you will get from the prawns (its true for other cholesterol containing foods too)   would be counted as a fraction of the total requirement and body will reduce the cholesterol production accordingly.

The Omega-3 –fatty acid helps to reduce the triglyceride content in the blood.

Lastly, the high protein, vitamin and mineral contents provide all the building blocks required by the body in a day.


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