How good is your timing?


Gone are the days when the mightier of the mightiest kings used to take pride in being punctual in his duties, the time when dalipunctuality was seen as a character of an upstanding and honorable man. Now is the time when people think that punctuality is the virtue of the bored.

But believe it or not, punctuality is an important character trait which defines who you are. Great people like Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington were known for being extremely conscientious towards practicing punctuality. You may say it was their humbleness, but I say it was their manliness that fueled their passion for practicing a high regard for time. For them, being on time was a way of showing respect to others and in return earning their own.

By being on time, you keep your promise. It shows your integrity and self-discipline. Actually, being punctual even makes you look sexier, contrary to the belief of some people who think, there is a great dignity in being waited for. Because by not being on time, you prove yourself to be unworthy of being depended upon, you make a person doubtful if you will be there when in need. Benjamin Franklin once said to an employee who always had an excuse ready for being late, “I have generally found that the man who is good at an excuse is good for nothing else.”

By not keeping your word to be on time, you are actually being selfish. You only care about your own priorities while being indifferent towards other’s. You are robbing the other person of his valuable minutes, in which, he could have spent time with his family, he could have had the breakfast he missed, he could have attended the morning prayer or he could simply have been more relaxed in coming to meet you.  And consequently, the outcome of the meeting will be less fruitful because of the resentment you would have created in the other person’s mind.

Being punctual is a virtue that should be practiced even in the direst of conditions. It will give you self-confidence and earn you the respect of people you deserve.  So the next time you fix an appointment, keep your word.

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