Review of a Kannada movie titled ‘Lucia’



Here’s a review of a Kannada movie titled ‘Lucia’. Into its 5 week now, the movie is still playing to substantially filled theaters. (Those interested in watching the movie, can check the link below the post.)

Lucia is fresh and unique, especially when you belong to the Southern portion of this country and even more so, if you don’t. In recent times, few Bollywood flicks and repeated Hindi-dubbed movies from South India featured on television channels have type-casted the industry as one producing low-quality, tumultuous entertainers.* Lucia comes as a valiant attempt to arrest the comprehensive slide of Kannada Movie Industry.

This crime, suspense, dream-psychological thriller is a story of a ‘torch-shiner’ (usher) Nikki, working in a unfrequented, forlorn cinema theatre in Bangalore. His eventless life filled with insomnia turns around when he is initiated to a pill called ‘Lucia’. The pill takes him to the world of planned, sequential dreams — a world that has fame, name, love, etc. much opposite to his real life.

To bring in a serious twist to this amusing backdrop, there is an ongoing police investigation that has stark resemblances with the dream and real life of Nikki.
Such is the level of indulgence Lucia commands that as the movie alternates between these three threads, you also take quick-breaks to discuss the on-screen depictions with people around you.

A few yet subtle real life depictions bring in a hilarious punch: A senior cop tells the investigating officer that here’s some detective from Mumbai who will help you in this case. The officer, with a rebuke on his face directed at the outsider, asks back, “Will he speak Kannada?” Another, mostly unintended, is the repeated depiction of an uninhabited Papa Jones Pizza outlet. That, comic it may be, is directly flicked from real life!

Whereas Lucia brings in the promise of quality cinema to the localities it stays close to clichés as well . The movie is over-stretched with predictable sequences, and in the end, there is too much to tie-up together. One who love detailing will be left asking for more.

Half-way into the movie, you recognize and realize that there are actors who are playing double role in the movie. Was it meant to be this way or intended to be kept secret, I am not sure!

All in all, Lucia, watchable for its plot and for some finessing performances, eventually handles itself in a fairly graceful manner.

A comparison with Kahaani may be injustice to this crowd-funded movie made on a shoe-string budget of 70L.

A well deserved 3 out of 5 from my side and for audiences of any language, it’s a good watch!

*By and large — I hope I am not beaten up soon to say this — Kannada movies, especially contemporary ones, have a long way to go when it comes to quality and innovation. In a fairly competitive South-Indian movie industry, Kannada movies are the least sort-after. Many movies struggle to recover their investment and very few stay in theaters, a week post their release. Movies in other regional languages like Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam fare much better compared to Kannada movies due to a number of reasons not relevant to this port.

(The movie can be rented from the following link: As it is a crowd-funded movie, some percentage of the small rent you pay goes to owner of this link who has put in his modest contribution in the funding of this movie. )

– A movie review by Shashank

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