Should marriage change you?


A few days back, when I pointed out to one of my girlfriends, a new imagehandsome face in the office, she was all aghast, and asked me how could I still be looking at handsome guys? Does marriage means you cannot any more admire a handsome guy? Feeling very guilty about my behaviour, I asked my other friends, to get their point of view. To my relief, some of them had a different opinion. After all, doesn’t the relationship with your life partner falls into a total different category? And the love and trust that you share with him is unaffected by these playful ‘bird-watching’?

Not only that, the society expects a newly married girl to suddenly look all feminine, cook efficiently, keep her house immaculately clean and simply be more responsible. All this sounds so difficult and actually speaking, it is.

Last weekend, when we were at home for the whole day, after somehow managing breakfast and lunch, I totally ran out of ideas, as to what to cook for dinner. Not only that, I actually did not feel like cooking at all. I think, my husband understood my dilemma, and suggested that we should get home delivery of pizzas. We spent that evening leisurely, watching a late night movie on the couch, while savouring pizzas.

As far as ‘looking married’ is concerned, I like wearing gold jewelleries and applying vermillion on my forehead, but only in certain occasions. Generally, I tend to forget wearing vermillion when I go to office, inspite of my mom reminding me about it. But one evening when I was waiting for my husband to come back home, I decided to totally doll up for him, I wore a saree, jewelleries, vermillion and even sported a bindi. I totally loved the expression on his face when he saw me that evening.

Marriage sure brings with it a whole load of responsibilities and expectations to fulfil. But it is not so bad. To think of it, it’s not bad at all. Now, after a long day in office, I look forward to come back home to a loving husband. Cooking is more exciting with someone to share it with. And it is doubly adventurous when we are both in the kitchen, cooking, dancing or simply goofing around. I have a bigger family to love and support me. Not only that, now I am allowed to go watch the late night shows with my hubby. Now isn’t that something?

Marriage is certainly changing me. I am more responsible, more patient and understanding. But I think I am still as silly and as girly as I was before.

4 thoughts on “Should marriage change you?

  1. Smita says:

    There was a constant smile while going the article. And my personal take on married life: Marriage should definitely bring a change. But the change should be more loving, more friendly, more compassionate and more understanding. Nothing can beat it if the partners be the BEST of FRIENDS for LIFETIME and not just the boring “HUSBAND-WIFE” ;) ;)

  2. Amrita Tripathy says:

    Abs true.>!! i not only admire handsome guys but show it to my hubby too..:)))

  3. Nisha Varghese says:

    chooo sweet..totally agree…marriage is amazing, provided the one we married to is amazing..;) keep rocking..!God bless..:)

  4. manish gupta says:


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