Superman or Hulk – Who Will Win The Ultimate Battle Of Strength?


Superman completed 75 years of his existence since his debut in 1938, in the first issue of Superman or hulkAction  comics ( currently known as DC Comics). This, and the recent trip to the theater to watch the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel, got me thinking, that if, ever, Superman was to fight the Hulk, who would win. Each strongest of the two rivals, Marvel comics and DC comics.

On the one hand there is our Man of Steel with unimaginable superpowers, while on the other we have the green colored humongous alter-ego of the brilliant scientist Bruce Banner.  Hulk is this bad tempered and totally invulnerable guy whose limitless powers keep increasing the angrier he gets. But obviously the big green guy cannot beat our kind, bighearted and extremely hot Super-boy in terms of popularity since Superman has been rated the most popular superhero among the Top 100 comic book superheroes for quite a few years in a row.

But then again we are talking about a fight. And that is one thing hulk is unbeatable in. A surge of gamma rays powers hulk when under high stress and anger. His attributes keep enhancing as he becomes angrier. He can lift up to 150 billion ton weight when really angry and can create a force field by clapping his hands together to smash any enemy within the field in no time. He can go beyond the earth’s atmosphere in a single jump and can breathe under water. He heals himself. But although Prof Bruce Banner is a genius, the gamma powered hulk shows almost no sign of intelligence and smashes anything and everything that comes in his way. And that acts as both his weakness and strength.

Originally born as Kal-El on planet Krypton, superman became unimaginably strong on earth that has far lesser gravitational pull compared to Krypton, . He is solar powered i.e., he gets his strength from sunlight. His cells can store sunlight for later use. In one story he even enters the sun to enhance his powers. He has superhuman strength that is said to be incomparable to any. In All-star superhuman, his strength exceeded the force of two hundred billion billion tons and he had the strength to pull earth away from the sun. He can heal himself, fly, has an X-ray vision, and has the super-breath with which he can freeze anything instantly, even Hulk. And with his Krytonian intelligence (who were thousands of years more advanced than humans on earth are), he has definitely got an advantage there. Not over Prof Banner, but over Hulk.

Unless Hulk happens to carry a chunk of kryptonite with him, it is difficult to overpower Superman. But then, superman will just want to calm down Hulk and not kill him; Hulk gets an advantage there. And since Superman will strike back and strike hard everytime he tries to smash him down, it will increase his anger and hence his powers. Although Hulk won’t be able to defeat Superman, this 8 feet, 600 Kilogram angry monster will definitely be a formidable opponent for Superman. So, after a long long fight, after trillions worth of property damage, it’s the invulnerable of all, the man of Steel, Superman, who will win in the end.

But if you ask me to pick my favourite, it’s not the kind, big hearted and sexy superboy who wins my heart. He is too perfect for that. With all the superpowers anyone can become a superhero. It’s the man with a few strengths and many weaknesses who manages to defeat some of them and still save the planet from a few enemies, someone who I feel is the mightiest of all. My favourite is The Hulk. Even if he loses.


6 thoughts on “Superman or Hulk – Who Will Win The Ultimate Battle Of Strength?

  1. Tushar says:

    LOL!!!This article has triggered my Imagination!!
    Whoever wins but fight will be hilarious.
    – Leave about strengths and weakness, Hulk is much better personality compared to Superman. Prof Bruce knows as becomes Hulk no XXX..L size will fit to him. But still manages to keep his pants ON each time, atleast 3/4th. While it took Superman 75+ years to know dressing sense.
    (Still confused where it went this time and how pity Prof Bruce will fill each time when he becomes normal with half naked)
    – Why it need Superman to control Hulk !!!
    Airtel subscriber can do it in 1Rs. “Babaji ka Video, Sirf 1 Rs me !!!” … :D

  2. subroto says:

    These superheroes….superman, spiderman, batman and so on… the father of all these mans is our own HANU MAN…he is the best…!!!

  3. Supernus says:


  4. Hai…disagree…that superman will win…
    Both r equal..

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