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Luna ring

Japanese have always been the pioneer of technology and have given the world some of the best innovations. The aspiration goes a step further now with Japanese construction company Shimizu proposing to make the first solar power plant on the moon, which will be called the Luna Ring.

The solar plant will cover the entire periphery of the moon covering a total distance of 11,000 kms in length and 400 kms in width. Keeping in mind the transportation of such huge numbers of solar panels from earth to moon as a major hurdle, the panels wont be manufactured on earth, but rather on moon itself using material extracted from the lunar soil. And since humans cannot work there because of absence of water and other obvious reasons, solar powered robots will be constitute the required workforce.

Once operational the solar power plant will be able to produce 13,000 terawatts of power. The power will be transmitted back to earth as microwave, to be received and converted to usable DC electricity by microwave power transmission antennas on earth of 20 kilometres in diameter and high density laser beams, guided by radio beacons.

The ambitious project will be stretched over a period of 30 years to reach its full capacity and aspires to start off by the end of the year 2035.


In today’s age, Innovation is in no way limited to serious stuffs. Durex, the same company that makes condoms, has come up with a new product line called fundawear. Fundawear are underwear for both men and women that helps you have the pleasure of sex even when your lover is away.

This underwear helps the wearer get excited by vibration when activated through a smartphone app. This new line of wearable technology has surely given a boost to people involved in long distance relationships.

Boz, the autonomous bi-directional car

Image Courtesy: Gizmag

Image Courtesy: Gizmag

Zoox, a start-up company proposes to build a completely autonomous green car that is going to be so different from the conventional cars, that it cannot be called a car!

To start with, Boz will be completely devoid of the front and back windshield, lights and mirrors, which is by the way logical, given that it will be completely on its own when it comes to driving. The car will have its own sensors to monitor the traffic and road conditions and other inputs like car to car communication and accordingly take decisions based on the information.

Another feature that sets Boz apart from other aspiring autonomous cars is that it will never require a U turn. It will be able to move both ways. A spoiler with a set of LEDs, will let the others on road know the direction Boz is going to move, to ensure everyone’s safety.

The sitting area will be more relaxed and spacious, with four passengers sitting facing each other, two on each side.

Although a little more on the dreamy side, Zoox’s concept vehicle, if and when made will revolutionize the field of what we now called cars.

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