The Magical Path to a New You- By Narayan Behera


The Magical Path to a New You” is a self-help guide designed to integrate certain profound spiritual principles into your daily life and obtain the peak of success, joy,

and peace. It also guides you to re-discover your divine self and lead a life with a purpose. This book will further guide you to:

  1. Increase your intelligence as you take an inward journey,
  2. Live a life filled with love toward all beings,
  3. Find more success in your professional field,
  4. Experience deep peace amid chaotic life situations,
  5. Strengthen your interpersonal relationship with your colleagues, friends, spouse, boss etc.,
  6. Heighten your Emotional Quotient to adapt better in any hostile environment,
  7. Realize that you are not merely a bundle of flesh and thoughts but the immortal Self,
  8. Transcend your limited ego with its petty desires and fears,
  9. Live exclusively in the present moment with perfect ease and relaxation,
  10. Be completely free from anxiety, worry, and illusion,
  11. Free you from the greatest fear of death,
  12. Create a situation where abundances such as money and success flow toward you,
  13. Manage your anger most effectively,
  14. See every moment as meaningful and joyous,
  15. Abide in a state of higher consciousness where you transcend psychological time,
  16. Experience your connection to all that exists via your spiritual Self,
  17. Practice perfect renunciation and enjoyment together,
  18. Higher awareness where you see things as they are with peace and detachment,
  19. Live your life with complete fulfillment in every moment, and
  20. Love all, bless all and help all.

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