The power of a purpose oriented life:-A spiritual lesson


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Feeling of I am empowers you  

Your thoughts are discrete, not continuous as they appear. One thought comes and goes away; then another thought comes and so on. They occur in rapid succession. Like the pictures in a film. There is no causal link between thoughts. They are random. And most thoughts are just junk, repetitive, and good for nothing. The gap between thoughts is silence which you do not notice. This silence is actually consciousness.

That is the background of your thought processes. The more gaps you create, the more joy you experience. In order to create a gap between thoughts, return to the feeling I am as much as possible. This feeling per se is not a thought. It is devoid of any kind of assertion or denial such as I am this, I am not that etc. It is a feeling devoid of any personality such as I am a doctor, I am a scientist, I am a millionaire, I am a man etc. Just be. Do not fight with your thoughts. If you become disinterested in them, they will lose their grip on you. Don’t flow with your thoughts. Come back as much as you can to the Source of thoughts. This I am feeling generates tremendous healing energy in you. You will experience the wholesome feeling of love, joy and peace. You can work with heightened energy and see more success in life. It gradually transports you to a higher level of awareness and love where you appreciate life to the full. You will see everything external changes but not the real I am. As you stay more in this awareness, you will find everything lovable in the outside environment.

How to control anger quickly and effectively?

If you are angry over a past incident, separate yourself from anger and ask to whom the anger arises. Remember that the anger is in your mind but you are not the mind. Then you will find that the real in you is simply watching the anger. Just step away from your angry moods. The very fact of externalization of the anger will bring your immediate relief and peace. The bare events can be anything, but how you react to them that really matters. This means that your mind alone matters, not the outside happenings.

When your mind returns to its silent background effortlessly, you will be able to discover the hidden patterns behind the seeming anomalous activities of other human beings. Your own mental unrest is the real culprit that makes you perceive  chaos in the world events. Watch your angry thoughts as you watch human beings come and go in a street traffic without registering any response. You will gradually find that the mind functions at many levels and you are aware of them all. Do not get caught at any negativity of the mind`s ever changing moods. The important problem is not to hold on to your negative patterns of thoughts but shift attention to the silence behind them. Your disinterestedness will simply drive them away.

Keep reminding yourself the magnanimity of your true nature. As your practice of separating yourself from your angry thoughts deepens, you will experience deep peace amidst the violent mood swings of the mind.

The sixth sense of intuition is your true guide

     Animals generally live by instinct. Most human beings employ intellect to think, plan, work and relax. Intellect employs logical reasoning and calculated endeavor. But intuition is an in-sight that is chiefly super-logical. It transcends analytical thinking. A person can gather important knowledge through hunch, precognition, spiritual insights and visions. These are associated with the sixth sense. The more you are spiritually advanced, the higher is your consciousness and the more developed is your sixth sense. You can interpret the sixth sense as the activation of some dormant superior senses in the body.

The power of intuition is higher than that of intellect. Many scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, musicians and poets have employed the sixth sense of intuition mixed with intellect to achieve something remarkable. The Buddha, the Christ and other prophets had highly developed sixth sense. The more developed is your sixth sense, the more you comprehend the subtle mysteries of life. It can be said that the developed sixth sense uses a higher inner search light to comprehend the mysteries of the world. It is especially important in spiritual life. At higher consciousness, energy of the mind increases which, in turn, sharpens the power of intuition. With a well developed intuition you can take far better decisions in all spheres of your life. Your intelligence level will rise and as a result you will be more successful in all your endeavors.


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