The story of Unicef’s Greeting Cards


In Erstwhile Czechoslovakia, Unicef had a programme to provide drinking milk to school children. Dzitka and her classmates were regular drinkers of Unicef milk.


The seven year old (Dzitka) Jitka Samkova from a village near C’eské Bude’jovice made a picture of a maypole painted on glass in 1946 and the paintings they produced were meant as a gesture of Thanks towards Unicef. It was sent t0 Unicef’s bureau in Prague by their school teacher. The glass picture of children dancing round the maypole went to Vienna, where it was spotted by one of  the UNICEF Executive Director  and used in one of the information sessions. In 1949, the first set of a card using Dzitka’s design were used for fund raising.

The ‘ThankYou’ note and card of an 7-year-old girl some 60 years ago started one of the world’s fundraising success stories. UNICEF now raises more than US$600 million a year through its fundraising and sales activities across the globe and it all began with a card.

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), is the world’s leading advocate for children, it has presence in over 150 countries. It works closely with children, women and communities as well as governments, other UN agencies, non-government organisations and the private sector on behalf of all children without regard to race or religion.



UNICEF has the global authority to influence and produce change in local policy and attitudes, for the good of children and their communities.

Unicef has positively touched man lives. It has the daunting task of helping and reaching out to many more million children.






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