To Bridge the Gap between Basic and Medical Science



In the era when we are talking about precision medicine or personalized medicine and multidisciplinary /interdisciplinary research, there still exists a big gap between the science and medical communities. To serve the people with outcome of these proficient ideas need generations of willingness of the medical practitioners to modify the conventional treatment procedures, as medical community is having a direct association with the people in need.

The target circle can only be achieved by fusing basic science and medical research communities.

I am not very sure about the global practice, but here in India, we are still far from it. Especially, the problem is extremely critical in areas where medical Colleges /Institutes do not have enough research practice. And it would be indeed challenging to take them out from their boundary.

I have had a chance to meet and talk to a group of senior medical practitioners in the field of my research. But, on sharing my research work with them, I was surprised to see their lackadaisical attitude towards it. That day I felt the gap.

On another occasion, I participated in a panel discussion on “interface between basic and clinical research” where international medical researchers were also present. People were discussing how we can bridge the gap to smoothen the medical journey or treatment procedures. I was happy to find out that there is at least one or two hospitals in India, taking forward the concept of personalized medicine in treating cancer. There are some scientists as well, who succeeded in influencing the medical practices with personalized medicine care in some semi-government medical Institutes.

The whole purpose is not to enforce either basic or clinical researchers across the field, but only to incorporate latest or modified ideas as an additional weapon in empowering the treatment procedure.

The question is what should be the first move and from where should we start? How to get the attention or interests of the medical practitioners from remote areas. There are funding agencies who support the move but is there any who will support to start the move?

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