Two hearts, one beat


Has this happenned to you before – whereas you and your partner completely enjoyed a rather stupid heart movie, your friends however hated it? Or how you end up feeling gloomy, when your partner is having a bad day? Do badan ek jaan, the much talked about adage about people in love, is not just a saying anymore. It has been proven to be scientifically true, and not just emotionally but physiologically as well.

Emilio Ferrer, a psychology professor at University of California, conducted a series of experiments on several couples in love, to find out that their heart beats were in sync and unconsciously, they even breathed in an identical rhythm when together.

In the experiments, 32 heterosexual couples were seated a few feet away from each other in a quiet room, and were not allowed to speak or touch each other during the experiment. They were connected to monitors measuring their heart rates and respiration. It was found out that the couples tend to get their heart beats in sync and even breathe in an identical rhythm. It was also found that the female partners tended to adjust their heart beat and breathing pattern to their male partners more often than the otherwise.

When the data of people from mismatched couple were compared, their heart rates didn’t show any synchrony nor did their breathing pattern match.

This was known to be true at the mental level that couples share each other’s emotional experiences in everyday life. But the scientific study proves that this phenomenon is true even at the physiological level. Also the fact that females adjust to their male partner’s heartbeat, showed that they are emotionally more dependent on their male partners and are also more affected by their emotional state of mind.

There it goes then, the Universal Law of Love..

That moment in time, so gentle, yet so sweet
so deeply in love, two hearts, one beat………

(Lines taken from a poem by Brad Glover)

One thought on “Two hearts, one beat

  1. Santhi says:

    Yeah.. This happens..
    I donno about couples..
    But, I experience it with my twin sister.
    In fact, the day I work a lot, she will get tired (and vice versa) even though we are hundreds of kilometers apart.

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