War… Chhod Na Yaar – A movie review


‘War…Chhod Na Yaar’ is rudderless, spontaneous and childish.War-Chod-Na-Yaar-Hindi-Movie

Painting the soldiers on either side of India-Pakistan border as comic characters, this movie futilely emphasizes that none amongst the common public wants a war. The only lot interested in this arena are a few self-absorbed politicians and the super-powers of the World, desperate to make a living for their arm manufacturers.

Well meaning it may be but this has been known from ancient times.

Not only does so-called War-comedy movie trivializes anything and everything pertaining to war, it attempts an hilarious take on each aspect of a war. Entertaining it could have been had the director of the movie pitched in with laughter from voice over.

The movie relentlessly takes ludicrous pot-shots on the quality of goods ‘Made in China’, from small gizmos to grenades. Regrettably, most such dialogues are reminiscent of similar ‘shared’ jokes on Facebook.

Swallow this offbeat one: The ‘Newclear Bomb’, once shot from Pakistan and landed in India, would squirt dandruff in abundance paving way for China to introduce its anti-dandruff products in India.

This, to me, is radio humor and produces guffaw only while driving.

The movie goes on to declare the advent of India-Pakistan talks of peace and brotherhood into the life of youngsters. A bunch of jobless youngsters in either countries keep track of developments across the border and consequently keep prompt one amongst them: apne wahan ke friend se poochh ki udhar kya khabar hai?!
Internet is a game-changer communication tool for the youth, you see.

Nevertheless, ‘War…Chhod Na Yaar’ maintains a strange consistency pioneered by Bollywood. It flawlessly showcases Pakistani Army men as malnutrition-stuck, shabbily-dressed duds. No prizes for guessing how smart even our jawaan is!

A second-grade lead would have been a perfect pick for the forgettable role played by Sharman Joshi. Soha Ali Khan is wan, wilted and wasted. Dilip Tahil, Javed Jaffery and a few side-kicks attempt their best to entertain you but a compulsively poor script, uncompromisingly casual dialogues and dissuading music are more to be blamed for the catastrophe than anyone on screen.

I woefully regret on not cashing on the golden opportunity I had before the movie on saving my money for one ticket.

For those sad souls who haven’t had anything to laugh upon for a while now, this one is good bet! It convincingly does so, at exactly four occasions lasting cumulatively for about a minute.

I am being generous in granting this movie 1 out of 5 solely on this aspect.

(Movie review by Shashank)

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