We hug and kiss, what do animals do?


When we see our loved ones and feel affectionate, we hug and kiss them. Or sometimes justDeer kissing a warm touch is enough. And sometimes you ruffle their hair to show, you care. It is the same with animals. They too have feelings and are quite generous in showing it. But how do they do it? How do the animals show their love? What is their version of “hug n kiss”? Actually, each animal have their own way of expressing their love. Here are some of the extremely cute gestures animals use to show love:

1. Squirrels: To show love they sniff their partner’s neck and entangle their tails.
2. Dog: Dog’s equivalent to kiss is touching nose. They also embrace each other by standing up on hind legs.
3. Bear: They roll on the ground while embracing each other.
4. Parrots: They rub their beaks together
5. Chimpanzees: They do tongue kissing or what we humans called smooching!Beer hugging
6. Snails: It caresses its partner’s antennae
7. Cows: Cows kiss with lips and they are known to kiss for hours
8. Rabbit: They scratch and do fisticuffs to show love
9. Giraffe: They entwine their necks together
10. Horses: They rub nose
11. Swan: They entwine their necks and then rub their beaks
12. Cat: Lick each other and sleep using each other’s body as pillows
13. Sea Lion: Suck on each other’s ear flaps.
14. Lion: They head rub each other
15. Deer: they kiss with lips and touch nose to show affection.
16. Owl: Kiss by tapping their beaks and cuddle by pressing up against each other
17. Snake: They show love by touching its partner’s tongue
18. Penguin: Even humans “Penguin kiss” each other. They kiss by touching their beaks briefly to their partners.

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